Long time no post! At least not a public post, heh.

Last Saturday (18th), I got up at an awful and early time to head to the Greyhound Station. I was in transit from 6:15am until about 10:40am (or so) when I arrived in Seattle, WA. From there I had a 3 hour ‘transfer wait’ time before my 2nd bus of the day to arrive in Portland, OR at about 5:30pm. So I spent my time in Seattle eating lunch (food!) and I spent most of the time in the waiting area of the Greyhound Station just (not-so) patiently waiting for the time to arrive to board the bus.

Portland is amazing. I had gone down because it was the location of BlytheCon 2011. It’s incredibly clean, haha, and the transit system was fantastic. The buses looked the same as they do here (the same company logo on the side, so I can only assume that the insides were the same as the ones I’m used to), but I loved the light rail system that they have down there! It was convenient and easy to use, which is great for a newbie to an area. Bus drivers don’t talk very much at all, but at least they were both fairly nice.

^ My view from outside of my hotel room at La Quinta Inn in Portland (Lloyd District). It was a decent hotel at a fantastic price. Plus it was close to everything I needed (access to the light rail system, close to a mall, lots of restaurants close by).

^ Oodles of customized Blythes (and another doll, can’t recall the name of him at this moment) at a small Blythe meet that happened on Sunday June 19th (day before BlytheCon) at Director Park.

^ A photo from the cocktail party the night before BlytheCon. I got to meet so many fantastic people! It was a lot of fun.

^ The MAX line stop closest to my hotel. Such a convenient stop – plus it was in the free rail zone so I got to ride for free!

^ A table full of dolls at BlytheCon! It was a lot of fun getting to see all the different types of Blythes and getting to meet people who like Blythe like I do.

^ Lots of people! I loved the balloons (my chair had a blue balloon on a brown ribbon).

^ My BlytheCon loot! There’s a few things that I bought in there, some cards that I had gotten from people, a dress that I had won in the raffle, some cute things like postcards and bookmarks in the swag bag and swap items from a Blythe friend.

I got back to Canada on Tuesday, June 21st. It was so great to be home and to be connected again! I had wifi at the hotel so I was able to get in touch with people, but it’s a lot nicer being able to text without worry of a huge cell phone bill or just hopping onto the network’s internet without worrying about roaming data  charges!

I was back to work on Wednesday June 22nd, I had to get caught up on work (and oh my gosh, they had left me way too much to do!) and I started working in a new department as well (which was fantastic!). I now split my time between doing customer service work (taking phone calls from customers and entering orders) and doing data entry for another department.

The Ataris played in Vancouver (!) on Thursday, which I just had to go see with my friend K. It was a lot of fun, my throat hurt a little bit Friday morning (mostly because of all the singing along that I just had to do with the songs that I love). There were three openers, which took a long while to get through but it was totally worth it to listen to Kristopher Roe sing.

And then Friday was a bit of a wash – just work and going out for lunch with coworkers. And then today (Saturday) was a dentist appointment day and trying to figure out what I’m taking next year…

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  1. Tell me you didn’t go alone? I guess I can’t be worried now, as I didn’t know where you were but I’m glad you had fun!

    I’ve never been to any type of convention but I’m glad you got to go! Definitely up your alley =)

    Missed you.

  2. I lived in Portland for a year, I love that city! The Max (the light rail) is fantastic! I know the hotel you’re talking about, it’s in a great/convenient spot when you’re visiting the city. The next time you’re there, you should try some food carts, portland is full of them! The photos from blythecon are adorable, it looks like you had an awesome time!

    1. Portland was fun! It’s a very nice city 🙂 I did walk by a parking lot that was full of food carts a few times, but I’m not sure if it was the time I went or what, but none of them seemed to be open (no lights on, order/pick up windows were covered).

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