It has been pointed out to me by my sisters that I like thrift stores an awful lot. Mostly because it’s a challenge to find things, and things are inexpensive/cheap (but you do need to know what to look for). My favourite sections are the housewares and the toys. I’ve been collecting soup mugs with recipes on the side for a while and my goal was to end at 6 different mugs. I found my 6th mug last Saturday (July 16th) along with my second oxtail soup mug (because I like oxtail soup!). So while my dad thinks that I’m weird for collecting mugs, I think they’re cute and will one day have a good place on a shelf in my future-kitchen. $1.99 minus 30% for each one.

Thrifting Find!

I also found what I had thought was the perfect work mug. It was light green, large enough for a decent amount of water/hot chocolate/juice/tea/whatever. It was $0.99 (before my 30% card-holder discount). And then I found the perfect work mug. Cupcakes all over it? Cheerful? Large enough to hold a decent amount of liquids? And a little cupcake on the inside? The cupcake cup was also lighter than the fantastic light green mug, and also at $0.99 (before 30% discount) so I was absolutely sold. It sits on my desk at work now. Usually filled with water, hot chocolate, tea or juice.

Thrifting Find!

I’ve been getting awesome mail this week! I got a cute dress and bloomers set (Blythe-sized), two Japanese patterns books (pictured below; Dolly Coordinate Recipe books #5 and #7) and something that’s a surprise for Clay (who does occasionally read this blog so I’m refraining from mentioning it – it’s not much of a surprise if he knows what it is!).


Work’s been… workish. It’s the only thing really going on with my life right now and it’s stressful from 8am-4:30pm because of people. On the brightside,  customer that the other people avoid talking to because “he’s really mean” likes talking to me (because I get things done/make sure their stuff gets delivered). Honestly though, I don’t get why they think he’s really mean because he was really nice to me on the phone.

My hand, which I’m not posting a photo of, is swollen. My coworkers have called it my ‘mitt’ and have said things like “Wow, your hand’s like DOUBLE the size of your other hand!”. Yeah, flattering. Last Sunday (July 17th) I went paintballing with some coworkers (that I like). I ended up turning my ankle, winning a laptop-suitable backpack and getting chewed up by mosquitoes. I have 1 bite on my left pinkie, 3 bites on my right shoulder (no biggie, they’re practically gone) and 5 bites on my right hand. 3 are on the back of my right hand, 1 on my thumb and 1 on my ring finger. Which makes life incredibly annoying. On Tuesday it was the most swollen and I had issues with mobility.

Today it has been better with increased mobility, swelling has gone down, reddness has mostly gone away and I’ve been dosing myself up with pain medication, allergy medication (for nighttime only) and ointment to help with the itchiness/pain/swelling. My purse is starting to look like mini-pharmacy (I’ve been keeping bottles of pills in there, the jar of ointment, etc.). Hopefully this will all go away soon and my hand will soon be the normal size!

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  1. *waves* your thriftshop has a customer loyalty card? i’m jealous. I could make good use of something like that myself.I have found everything under the sun at thriftshops…books everything in between.

    I hope your hand gets better…and your ankle for that matter.

    1. It’s Value Village’s Super Saver Card, pretty nifty. They have different daily deals for card holders! I mostly go for housewares (like mugs), clothes, books. I’m iffy about furniture because most of the time it’s soft stuff and you can’t see what’s crawling around inside.

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