Stress happens, and then I sleep.

It’s coming down to the last 2 weeks of school (classes end on December 2nd for me) so that it is crunch time! All of my midterms are thankfully done (I have a friend who has a midterm the last week of classes, ew) and I’ve just been working away on research for a few […]

Lessons learned over 21 years, 364 days

During elementary school, I learned little skills that I didn’t realize were all that important at the time. I learned how to safely use scissors. I learned where glue should (and should not) go. I learned how to share and how to be a friend, how to play a recorder, how to do basic mathematics […]

Mastering Procrastination

It’s always when I have a million and one things to do that I end up blogging. Why? Probably because I could be one of the many Queens of Procrastination. Next week I have a couple of midterms and a lab quiz. I’m more worried for my lab quiz than I am the midterms. Why? […]