It’s coming down to the last 2 weeks of school (classes end on December 2nd for me) so that it is crunch time! All of my midterms are thankfully done (I have a friend who has a midterm the last week of classes, ew) and I’ve just been working away on research for a few more papers (I have two drafts done and I’m waiting for a professor to review one of them – I have another paper that I have yet to write, but I think I’ve finished all of my research for it). Besides that, I also have a lab final to study for (boo) and 3 finals to start to study for. I’m taking four classes, but one of my classes (Parasitology) has a take home final. I’ve never been able to grasp the brilliance of this concept because generally science courses do not have take home/open book finals. We get two full weeks to work on the final ‘exam’, we’re encouraged to use the textbook and we’re allowed to work in groups, ask the professor questions… Brilliant, absolutely. I just hope he’s making us do incredibly difficult essays as I know it’s supposed to be long-answer type of questions.

So I’m going to be doing a lot of studying… Starting soon. I need to get that last paper written (and then editing the other two) before I feel like I can “really” study (except for my lab final – I need to study for my lab final because that is important as well, even if it’s not worth a whole lot).

I feel like it’s important to note that today was Election Day in British Columbia. All of the municipal elections in the province happen on the same day – we elect for the mayors, city councillors, school trustees and whatnot. I did not head out to the polls today (although my other family members did). I feel bad about this because I almost always go to vote when there’s an election. I had to go out a little bit after lunch to the bank and when I was walking up my driveway to get back into the house, I slipped and fell flat on my back. My driveway is black and there was ice on the driveway that hadn’t melted yet (it was in the shadows casted by the bushes). So I slipped and fell. I’m sure if there were witnesses, they would have told me that my fall was spectacular (it sure felt that way, anyways). But that really isn’t the point. I managed to get back up on my feet and stiffly walked up the steps to get back into the house. I’ve remained indoors for the rest of the day because my lower back is sore. I’ve also been limiting my walking around, because movement is bad (heh). I normally bruise very easily but no (visible) bruising as of yet. There’s also no swelling, I just hurt.

Life happens, I guess.  Here’s to the next four weeks! My last final is on December 16th (Friday), meep.

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