Friday was my four year anniversary with Clay! Gold stars for him for putting up with me for so long, hah! I joke, of course. It was pretty non-eventful. We both had school things to do that day (I had a library orientation to go to – they took attendance…). He started school last week (!) and I’m super proud of him, and he’s probably sick and tired of me saying that, but I am! I am very, very proud of him for going back to school. He’s doing an apprenticeship program that work is paying for, and ultimately it’s for work, but also for him as it’s a nationally recognized certification, which is pretty damn cool. I’m super proud of him. I’m going to be done school before him, but I’m going to be in school for 3 years straight for this program while he does a class, then works and logs hours and then goes back to school again for another class. But four years, you guys! This is the longest relationship that either of us have been in. ♥♥♥♥

As for nursing school happenings… I’ve gotten into a bit of a groove. My goal right now is to front-load as much as humanly possible without going insane. Front-loading, which may not be a term used elsewhere besides my school, is to work ahead of schedule and do readings in advance. Right now, I’m starting Week 4 tomorrow and I finished all of the readings for it yesterday. I’m going to be starting on Week 5 readings soon, but I’m also going to be working on a (short) paper and a presentation (great…) for Week 5. So there’s quite a bit to get done! I have to talk in front of people for 20-30 minutes. In front of the room. By myself. Let’s talk about how much this scares me: it does. A lot. I’m actually really annoyed that I need to do three presentations this term in that class alone. All by my lonesome, all in front of the same group of people. Mind you, the group isn’t huge (maybe 8-10 people?), but I’m being evaluated and stared at and people are looking at me all the time…

Anyways. In other news, I spent a lot of time studying this reading, as evidenced by my Instagram photos. I also did some math problems today with my handy-dandy book.

Putting the books away for now #nursingschool

My Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques textbook that has become well-flagged in the last three weeks!

"Math for Nurses"; my new bff?

My new ‘BFF’, Math for Nurses (8th edition, for anyone who cares). Super handy for practice problems!

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