I’m still alive, promise. I’ve been super busy! Since my last post, I was on spring break for a week (where I picked up a week of full time work). My break consisted of homework and work-work. At least I got paid for one of those… But the money is already spoken for, oh well! I have exciting things that I’m doing with the money that I made. Plus I filed my taxes for 2012, and I’m getting a refund (due to putting money into income tax that didn’t need to be put in, grr). You can also find attorney for notices from IRS as they can deal with the matters related to revenue.

Friends go on vacation, I pick up temporary work.

A lot of studying has happened, due to the fact that it’s still midterm season. I have one more midterm to go before finals. There’s currently  five more weeks of classes. This also means 8 more clinical days(!), which is both exciting and sad. I like clinical, but it’s a lot of work. I still have two more 12-hour shifts at the hospital

Studying! Midterm today :)

I started being able to do IV meds in clinical! I was very nervous. My clinical instructor has drilled into us that when IV meds go wrong, they are very wrong because there is absolutely no way to take it back. So a lot of prep work goes into clinical now for IV meds. There’s a lot of information to consider – what to reconstitute the medication with, what is it compatible with, what is it not compatible with, how fast to give it, what temperature is it stored at, is it already premixed? There’s a lot to consider with IV meds that I never knew that nurses had to consider – that I had to consider. There are a lot more precautions to think about with IV meds than, say, oral medications. But on the fist day that I could give IV meds, I got to give two. Which was two more than some of my clinical group members.

Spring! ♥

And it’s finally spring around here! Flowers make me happy – the crocuses and daffodils are out and gorgeous. I can’t wait until daisies (June-July) are out because I love them. Love, love, love daisies. But they won’t be out for a bit, so in the mean time I’m enjoying the flowers that are out. Plus the roses in front of my house have started with new leaves, spring is always so much fun. I saw a bumblebee for the first time this year two weeks ago and it made me smile. Warmer weather always means that the insects come out.

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  1. My ex is a registered nurse and he was explaining to me about IV meds. That is now what he does when he wants a stress free night, like being a nurse isn’t stress free! I admire anyone who gets into nursing.

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