An ode to socks

For Christmas, I asked for socks (which I forgot to mention – I did get some!). And before someone goes and tells me that I’m incredibly weird (which I occasionally am), I’d like to remind you all that my school gets a lot of wind chill and sometimes it’s all fine and dandy to pile […]

It’s that time of year again!

I remember when I was really little and we had got so many Christmas cards one year that we had a living room covered with them. This was before my relatives discovered the internet and email and now it’s just little animated e-cards with really bad music all the time. Luckily we still have really […]

Flowers in bloom at winter

I’m a huge fan of Christmas. Unfortunately, my family is kind of lacking in that department because the last few years have been more about ‘Well… We get a day off?’ rather than more focused on spending time together or doing family activities. Like setting up the tree, decorating it, looking at the more awesome […]