It looks like Christmas is coming!

Day two of my winter holidays! I only stepped out of the house to go to the bank (yay, monies!) and to the store (to buy sprinkles, guess who was running out of red?). Once I got back, I started doing some baking. I  made 4 dozen shortbread cookies were made today… Granted, my first […]

New theme for December!

… Not that you didn’t notice from the sudden change of pink and more pink to more neutral colours. But it’s almost December, so it’s fine, right? Right? Cheers. Off to study and learn (ish) now.

Need a new host?

For those who’ve been reading my blog lately, you all know that I’ve recently found a new host (or rather, I’m in the process of moving my site, but going from being an add-on domain to having my own hosting package – same difference, sort of). And it’s a really great feeling, having control and […]