Saturday Minor Highlights

Written on February 20, 2010 at 7:00 pm
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  • Completely swelling free today. Completely. Michelle rejoiced.
  • Ate solid food today! (Ham and eggs with noodles for lunch at a small restaurant while my parents ate other food – the kitchen screwed up my order and they wanted to know if I’d take my order with udon noodles instead, I said no and they made a huge fuss about how it was going to take so much longer for me to get my order.) I can’t manage anything very large yet, it’s not the swelling hindering my jaw movement now, it’s the stitches.
  • Went to the optometrist – my eyes haven’t gotten any worse, but I’m still getting new glasses because my current pair of glasses is sporting scratches (should get them in about a week).
  • Sisters went to go see free Olympic things, told me to call them when I was done at the optometrist. I did, multiple times to both of them (no answer). They called me 4+ hours later to say that they “completely forgot” about me. When asked if they knew they had incoming calls, both said yes but didn’t want to answer.
  • Bought a book (The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen) from Coles with a gift card money that I still have ($9.23 left).
  • Wandered around the mall – something that I’ve been eyeing at La Vie En Rose was in the clearance racks (for shame!) – marked down from $59.95 to $9.99. I bought it. Last one in my size too! Happy, happy me.
  • Tip-toed through the carnage of Olympic wear at Zellers – there was a Sumi doll without his little hat on lying on the ground. I picked him up and put him back on the shelf (poor bald little spirit guardian).
  • For most interested, London Drugs was having a sale on Olympic wear – 50% off on everything. They were completely out of plushies though. Did you know they had mascot keychains (not the little stuffie variety) for $17.00? A keychain for $17.00 + tax??? No wonder they still had buckets of keychains left.

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  1. Caity says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better and eating and are out and about! 😀

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