I can’t just filter out the stupid. :'(

While I sit here sipping tea and making Excel do my bidding[1. I’m working on an assignment for my class regarding climate change through time.], tweets keep popping up on my screen (thanks, Tweetdeck) and generally it doesn’t bother me (because I ignore it unless I can actually recognize the avatar). Some people tweet the […]

Handful of cuteness (and still impatient).

I am still waiting for my textbook to arrive. It’s coming from Ohio, USA. Which is (at the very least) on the same continent. I wasn’t aware it’d take so darn long for a book to arrive. I hope it arrives early next week though – while I have been keeping up with my readings […]

Patience is not my middle name.

I’ve been doing my pre-course readings and my weekly readings (and don’t let me forget about extra readings for Friday in-class activities because my professor thinks that a lecture hall of 100+ students is a great class size for in-class activities where we have to make up our own groups – clearly he’s had too […]