While I sit here sipping tea and making Excel do my bidding[1. I’m working on an assignment for my class regarding climate change through time.], tweets keep popping up on my screen (thanks, Tweetdeck) and generally it doesn’t bother me (because I ignore it unless I can actually recognize the avatar). Some people tweet the strangest things. Do I need to know about the existence of new Team Jacob shirts at Target?[2. For starters, we do not have Target yet in Canada so I really do not care.] or how someone told someone else that she’s a *ucktard? Then again, I realize I tweet ridiculous things too.

For instance, today I tweeted about a friend’s douchecanoe of a boyfriend. I’ve also complained about the stupid people in one of my classes (and lamented the inability to filter out the stupid from said class’s discussion boards). I tweeted about ball-jointed dolls [3. An online friend, who I’ve met in person before, just got a new one and we discussed the sizes – apparently mine seems larger in photos. :)]

And while I should really go back to my assignment (due online at 9am tomorrow, Pacific time), I’m nearly done anyways (one more question in which I need to write out why there was ice in the tropics at one point in the history of the Earth – the answer is that there was a sharp decrease in methane due to the rise of cyanobacteria, methane was the most important greenhouse gas at one point and carbon dioxide was much lower/less significant. Of course, that has now changed and carbon dioxide is much more abundant – methane is 10x more efficient than carbon dioxide in terms of warming the Earth). Now you know… And I guess now that I’ve written out my answer, I am done my homework! I just need to click submit on the website.

For an update on nursing school applications… I’ve received both my high school and current university transcripts in the mail (yay!). I’ve also gotten 2 sets of reference letters from people at work (more yay!). One of them was highly impressive, filled up an entire page about how much awesome I’m made of (I may have blushed while reading it too). So now all I’m really waiting for is my reference letters from volunteering (as most programs require some form of volunteering work, minimum 30 hours, in a health-care setting – I’d been volunteering there since September 2008 so I have more than the required amount of hours) before I start doing all my applications. I feel as though I should have most of my applications completed as of the beginning of November, aside from supplemental portions of applications (the essays about why I’m a great fit, what kind of leadership skills that I have, etc.).

I’m also working on a new theme for Imaginary Sunshine… It has been brought to my attention that this one has been up since May and apparently that just won’t do.

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  1. Haha I read stupid tweets on my Twitter all the time too!! I generally don’t mind though — it’s the people who Tweet ALL THE TIME that really get me. I don’t mean like a sudden spurt of 5 tweets in a row — I can deal with that. It’s when there’s like a new tweet every 5 minutes for 3 hours or something … ahhhhh!

    Good luck on your applications! I applied to 2 yesterday and I’m maybe 1/3 of the way through our school’s supplemental application.

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