Apparently I’m completely crap about blogging on a semi-regular basis. It’s probably due to the fact that it’s technically summer and I generally don’t do so well in the summer with blogging – I’m almost positive that my most productive times are around midterms and when I should be studying for finals because that’s how I roll.

(On a side note, I’ve actually been trying to write a new blog post for Imaginary Sunshine for the last few days. Every time I’m about to hit the Publish button, I reread my post and realize that I spent the entire time bitching about work. And I just can’t publish that – mostly because I’d have to go back and erase everyone’s names. And publishing people’s names would be very rude.)

(I hope you’ve all realized that I don’t go about writing people’s names. Unless they’re already online with public accounts. Or unless they’re my boyfriend. Because Clay gets special treatment ♥ and really, how lazy would I have to be to just write C all the time instead of including the last three letters???)

Let’s see, let’s see… What is new in Michelle’s life?

Mini-thrifting hauls
I go thrift store shipping way too often it seems. And I never get a lot of things at once, which is good for my bank account (yay!). But last weekend I had gone with my sister and there was this bag full of Barbie kitchen things (a fridge, oven/stove, dishwasher, sink, some little random things like frying pan, pot, milk, egg carton). Super, super cute and super, super cheap ($4.99 for the entire set). It’s also super, super pink. Which means this kitchen set is going to set me back quite a bit more as I plan on buying the paint that’s made for plastic (eg. not plain acrylics) to give it all a bit of a makeover. I’m thinking of getting the paints in white, black and maybe a nice blue/turquoise/teal to make it nicer looking than just… pink. Nothing against pink, but I don’t think my Blythes would appreciate a pink dishwasher (do they even make dishwashers for people in pink??).

Fun fact: I looked up ‘Barbie fridge’ on eBay and found the one that I had gotten at the thrift store. The person who wrote up the listing listed it as vintage. The year it was made? 1994. I felt old after reading that listing.

Other things I’ve gotten recently include: (actual) vintage lace ribbon and piping (years on packaging was 40s and 50s), a couple silk scarves and buttons (for crafting).

I’ll be going to a flea market-type of thing tomorrow. The major focus is vintage and retro style things, so it should be good. I’m going with some dolly friends, which leads me to the next thing…

Apparently there’s other doll-minded people who live in the same general area as me
And this makes me very happy! There was what is known as a Blythe Meet (yes, we’re all so original with naming things) last Sunday where I met a bunch of other Blythe collectors. We hung out for a few hours to talk about dolls, gushed about what the dolls were wearing, asked each other questions about each others dolls… It was good fun. Meeting dolly people is always exciting for me. Before Portland/BlytheCon, I didn’t really think there could be that many other Blythe collectors in my area. Apparently there are some! And now I know them! Yay!

I’m not a workaholic. But everyone else I seem to know is…
By ‘everyone’, I mean my boss (the one who approved my overtime, yay!!!), other people in one of the departments that I work in (as of Thursday, I’m in three departments at work now… I was not consulted about this prior to having my time shuffled into three different departments, just to let you know!), and my darling boyfriend (who’s currently at work as I type this). On a Saturday. But regardless, I still work more than 40 hours per week now – but my overtime has been approved because my workaholic boss (who fully admits to being a workaholic in a good-mannered kind of way) had it approved and will gladly sign for me to get that time-and-a-half as long as I do all my OT in his department – I don’t mind doing this at all because he’s an incredibly laid back boss as it goes and he’s super nice (and did I mention that he had my OT approved? And thus I get more monies now?). I decided that all of my OT money plus my tax credit cheques (being very mildly employed has it’s slight benefits – the governments sends out cheques 3 times a year to help people pay taxes on things that they need to buy) is going to be saved towards something fantastic. And by something fantastic I mean a vintage 1972 Blythe doll. (I most definitely need to save to justify that purchase!)

And now it’s time for…
Possibly a slice of cheesecake before settling down for the night. Maybe time for a movie?

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