I’ve been sending a lot of time hitting the books since the term began.

It’s my last first term of this degree (fingers crossed). I have four classes. Four classes that I didn’t always like. I liked the idea of them. I liked the descriptions of them. I hated the amount of work that each professor made his class sound like (I only have male professors this term). But now I’ve found that I like my classes. Some that I even love. (It may also help that some of my profs are very funny. And that one of them has a Scottish accent – he’s not much to look at but the accent helps me to stay awake because I need to focus when he says words that are pronounced differently in the UK than it is in Canada.)

I had my first midterm exam on the last day of September. It was bad because I had to run across campus to get there on time. I normally walk and can get there on time. That Friday, I had gotten out of my previous class on time, had to briskly walk to the building. There were exams already being handed out, I had to find a seat, get my pencils, eraser and pens out. Oh, and my student card. I always forget that I need that out during an examination (especially when requested). I also hate that photo on my student card (but who doesn’t?). The results of that midterm came in just this past Friday. I did better than average (the average being 75%). I’ve developed better study habits since my first year of university – actually reading ahead, reviewing notes after classes, studying ahead of time, studying with like-minded people.

I’m working on getting together my documents for my applications for next year as I’m applying for even more schooling. I want to do another Bachelors degree (nursing). I’ve ordered high school and university transcripts. I’m waiting on those to arrive in the mail, I’m also waiting on reference letters from my volunteering place. The application process is stressful at times – needing to gathering all the documents and references and write letters of intent and essays. But this is something that I really want to do. For most of what I can remember back, I’ve wanted to become a nurse. So even though the application process is stressful and the waiting period will be stressful as well, I’ll need to suck it up and get through it.

In other news, I’ve recently acquired a vintage 1972 Blythe doll. I know a lot of people who read this blog aren’t doll people. But it’s a nice hobby to have, I’ve met some fantastic people through the hobby. I even attended a convention for Blythe in June 2011 (it was in Portland, OR – my first solo trip anywhere and my first vacation [it was for 4 days] in years). So despite what people might think about adults having dolls and collecting them – there’s nothing wrong with it. I figure as long as I’m not pretending that they’re my children (that would be my stick insects, thank you very much) or actually alive, it’s all good. I liked dolls as a child and I played make believe with them.

It’s an extension of my childhood that goes well with the fact that I still have a teddy bear that stays on my bed. But yes, I’ve acquired a vintage one (all the rest of my Blythe dolls are modern productions, all produced from the 2000s onward). And I’ve already been informed by my parents that I’ll be receiving another two this year (one for my birthday and one for Christmas).

So other than school, volunteering and doll(s), I haven’t been doing much lately. I haven’t had time for crafting, which I hope to change soon. But I did have time to bake recently (no photos as said baked goods were consumed rapidly by family members and myself). I weighed myself recently and after getting all wide-eyed at the number (thanks, Mister Scale), I’ve decided to go on a bit of a diet. Nothing too extreme, I’m going to try my best not to get completely obsessed with it (something I fell into the habit of when I was in middle and high school and essentially stopped eating, and I also dropped a lot of weight doing that). I do need to cut out fast food though (plus it’s expensive $) and to eat more fruits and vegetables (hello carrot sticks). We’ll see how it goes! I’m also planning on increasing my daily water intake as well and overall just increasing the amount of good, healthy foods. I suppose I should buy whole wheat bagels instead of plain white ones now then…

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  1. I wish you all the best in being admitted to a B in Nursing! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you. 🙂 At some point I wanted to do another B, but I would rather pursue a Master of something, so I applied for two courses in a completely different field to what I’m doing now. I’m relying on professional experience and other background experience to let me in, and one of them considers graduates not from that field sooo.

    I fully support you on that diet! *hugs* I recently spent time lowering my cholesterol by eating no junk food at all and eating large amounts of beans, peas and corn. I grew to love them! For some reason I got sick of the carrots easily. I do love them very much but I suppose trying to eat them every day ruined it. 😛 You’ll kick ass!

  2. Im back for good now.. I think.

    Holy cow you are a busy lady, even though you make it sound like you arent busy. Im sure youll get into the nursing school! Its exciting that youre almost done with this degree though!! 🙂

    Holy cow, I did not know Blythe had been around that long! They are very interesting little things but Im afraid if I get one doll I’ll become addicted and it seems like quite the expensive hobby but it looks superly awesome.

    Matthew and I are trying to go on a healthier diet. He’s doing it in preperation for his BCT and I just need to lose weight. As long as you keep eating and just cut out the bad stuff, I support you!!


  3. HI !!! *waves* It’s your slacker friend nichole here..goodness you are busy girl!! I don’t think it’s silly you collect dolls at all, i think it would be awesome to have a hobby of some sorts myself! the web is not my hobby anymore..it has turned into work…ha ha.

    I would love to be in better shape and eat healthier..but it’s hard to motivate david to do it as well!

  4. Wow that is so exciting that you are finally getting into the end of this and are preparing for nursing school! I know that you will do so well. Good luck with it all!

    Hobbies are an awesome thing to have. I don’t know much about Blythe but I’ve always loved your Blythe doll photos and I do look at them. I am glad that you have something that you love so much and that conference that you went to sounds super awesome! 🙂

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