Swelling-be-gone =)

Wow, the last time I blogged here was Tuesday? Lots of changed since then (sort of). WednesdayThis was the day that it really hit that I got my wisdom teeth pulled. I woke up very tired and sore. The swelling really started to hit. Also, I didn’t eat very much with the medication that my […]

Mishaps, cheerful antics and everything else

I’ve been sending time away from the computer lately (I was online for ~10 minutes yesterday!). I counted it all up, and I spent nearly four and a half hours in public transit yesterday! 3 hours for to and from school, then more time on various buses and trains. I completely abused my transit pass, […]

Names and (the thought of) getting teeth ripped out of me

My Simply Peppermint (new Blythe doll) has a name, Tertiary Jane. A pseudo-explanation for her name is over at my dolly blog. I ended up having her sitting at the table this morning while I was eating breakfast, just so I could figure out what name ‘clicked’ with her. My mom thinks I’m a complete […]