My Simply Peppermint (new Blythe doll) has a name, Tertiary Jane. A pseudo-explanation for her name is over at my dolly blog. I ended up having her sitting at the table this morning while I was eating breakfast, just so I could figure out what name ‘clicked’ with her. My mom thinks I’m a complete and utter dork now (… which didn’t really change too much from yesterday to today, so that’s okay!)

Sunday’s been pretty busy. I woke up fairly early and ended up making breakfast for everyone (out of my goodness of my heart… J thought it was because I wanted those three balls of merino yarn that she has – not true! She ended up letting me have them anyways, as my sister would like to use up some of the yarn that she has in order to justify new yummy yarn purchases in the future – i.e. on December 26th) and we all sat around the table and ate… well, I ate while trying to come up with a name for the new doll. And my dentist appointment yesterday was discussed.

Apparently my wisdom is lacking. Or rather, my wisdom teeth suck. And I have a nice handful (3-4, the dentist isn’t even sure how many there were…) cavities that need to be filled. The cleaning went splendidly though, the dental hygienist I got was really chatty and friendly – such a better experience than the previous few times, besides the last time I went, that I’ve gone to that dentist. I got a tooth brushing lesson too, hah. Apparently I brush too hard… But yeah, ended up making a new appointment for sometime in December (during the week that I have between my 3rd and 4th/last final) to get the fillings done. And then I have to go and call back in a couple of days and make an appointment for during my February Reading Break because guess who’s wisdom teeth are definitely coming out?

If you guessed mine, you get a cookie. My two wisdom teeth are definitely needing to come out, one of them shows signs of a cavity beginning to form, and apparently it’s next to impossible to actually be able to fill it at the angle that my lovely tooth decide to come in. Oh, and for one of my bottom wisdom teeth, the one that’s showing, it’ll need to be cut out because right now it’ll never continue to come out due to the fact that it’s angled itself to grow into my other tooth… And they’re not even sure where my 4th/last wisdom tooth in (bottom right). Apparently it could have never formed or just be doing the same thing as the one on the left and impacting another tooth. So yeah, I’ll need to get at least three teeth removed (whoot…) so I’m going to get it done when I have time off from school so I won’t be drugged up and trying to write midterms or papers. Good idea? I thought so.

For those who have gotten their wisdom teeth removed… Did you get general or local anesthesia? What did you like about your decision?

[Edit] Local means that they only numb the area around where the tooth is getting extracted (usually multiple injections in your gums and cheeks so you don’t feel anything). General would be where you’re completely knocked out and just wake up to have the teeth extracted and probably feeling incredibly groggy.

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  1. Yeah I had my four wisdom teeth taken out, apparently their roots were in danger of touching a nerve in my mouth. Don’t know what’s the diff. between the two anesthesia’s you listed, all I know was that I was knocked out quick. Have fun attempting to eat after the surgery!

  2. When I had two wisdom teeth removed, I got numbing shots and laughing gas. The laughing gas was for my nerves more than anything. It didn’t hurt at all.. There was alot of pressure but it didn’t last for very long so it wasn’t enough to complain about… The only thing that stinks is trying to It isn’t very easy to do when there are two hole behind your main chewing teeth. I found that putting guaze over the whole and eating carefully allows you to pretty much eat anything without worrying about the contents getting into the holes.
    I’m sure it will all go well for you so don’t worry about it too much.. that reminds me, I have to go back to have 2 more removed in

  3. I like your doll’s name because I’m a big dork like that. I did like Peppermint Patti too, though. I had all four wisdom teeth taken out at once. It was miserable but at least they can’t cause me any problems anymore. You’ll be happy you won’t have to worry about it anymore, trust me. You’ll hear lots of horror stories but when I look back on it, it wasn’t really that bad. I was in a lot of pain but I had medicine and I ate lots of ice cream, soup, and jello. Can’t complain about that as I love all those things.

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