February! February!

Yeah, it’s February. I did post yesterday, but that’s all password protected and shit so this is my official, although not technical, first post for the month of February 2010. And I know the header still says 01-2010 because even though I have the header done for February, I honestly did not get around to […]

Mishaps, cheerful antics and everything else

I’ve been sending time away from the computer lately (I was online for ~10 minutes yesterday!). I counted it all up, and I spent nearly four and a half hours in public transit yesterday! 3 hours for to and from school, then more time on various buses and trains. I completely abused my transit pass, […]

Birthday smasharoonies!

(Yes, I make up words for the hell of it. It’s fun sometimes, but I do still have a great appreciation for the English language.) So last night was my birthday party. People were fashionably (and not-so fashionably) late as well as being super early (while thinking that they were late, haha). But it was […]