And I don’t mean the winter holidays (although I so wish I was talking about that!). In just under a week, I’ll be writing my first final exam for the term (for my ecology course). At this point, I’m usually in some kind of weird head space, just trying to go over everything and remember everything. It’s so helpful when I have professors that put together practice problems that reflect the difficulty of the kinds of questions that will be on the final exam. It’s also so helpful that my ecology profs will be doing a combined total of six review sessions. I’ll be avoiding the ones that are occuring the day before the final – I cannot deal with crazed and panicking people who didn’t bother to start studying until a night before. But I’m definitely going to at least one review session per professor (both go by a Q&A style, which I like).

For my other classes, they all just have extended office hours, so perhaps I’ll make a day out of it (going to campus to ask questions and such). I’ll be certainly making use of the office hours for my Oceanography class – beginning to doubt myself in that case, although I can recall the most oddest (but useful) facts in that class. Like the entire Redfield Ratio (106 mols of Carbon : 16 mols of Nitrogen : 15 mols of Silicone : 1 mol of Phosphorus) or how to calculate N* (N* = [N] – 16*[P]). Which is actually a good thing, seeing as those are some of the things not available on the formula sheet… Have you noticed that I’m a complete science geek sometimes? I have (noticed).

I wish I could just think about sugarplums dancing in my head but I just… can’t. My brain’s all wrapped up in how animals swim, fly, walk and run (animal mechanics), how species richness changes with changes in the environment and human destruction (ecology), the beautiful and not-so-beautiful insects of the world (entomology ♥) and plankton and why they exist where they do (oceanography). Just, such a geek overall.

But… this geek did take a stop by the bookstore at school today! They were having a sale so obviously I went to take a look. There was a lot of crap to dig through, as well as a lot of classics that I would have been interested if I didn’t already own them in one cover type or another (seriously, there’s only so many copies of a Dickens or Austen novel I can have before people start thinking that I’m a complete nutcase). I got Holy Sh*t: The World’s Weirdest Comic Books by Paul Gravett and Peter Stanbury and a package of Jones Soda Co. Carbonated Sours (candy). Delicious. And I always love reading about comic books – it’s a full colour, glossy-paged, hardcover book that’s absolutely gorgeous when I flipped through it. Not recommended for the children though, as some of the world’s weirdest comic books includes ones with covers that feature scantily clad (or completely naked) women. Oddly enough, they don’t have naked men anywhere (or at least that I’ve seen so far).

And now… I’m just going to go and watch television for a bit, seeing as how I’ve spent over 4 hours today studying (since getting home – I studied on the bus and at school before class…).

I hope everyone had a fantastic day and that your life is so much better now that you know what the Redfield Ratio is!

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