Yeah, it’s February. I did post yesterday, but that’s all password protected and shit so this is my official, although not technical, first post for the month of February 2010. And I know the header still says 01-2010 because even though I have the header done for February, I honestly did not get around to picking and choosing colours to update the CSS so uhh… enjoy the January theme for another… two weeks? I’ll get the new one up on the 12th (… whoo, last day of midterms before my wonderful, two weeks of break where I’m going to be high on pain medication – hell yes.) or sometime.

Anyways… Things that are new:

Hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday!

Oh, and one last thing! I spent my biology lab today dissecting a snail. Snails are hermaphrodites and I learned today that they shoot darts at one another in order to get the other snail to be sexually interested in them. Oh, and their main male reproductive organ (I’m sure you can all guess what I’m referring to!)? 1/6th of the entire length of the organism. Fascinating stuff, isn’t it?

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  1. Ooh, I can’t wait to see the new theme for February. 😀

    Earbuds are always so expensive here. I haven’t had portable music for long, though. For a while I had a CD walkman thing that I chose to lug around all the time, and I had headphones rather than earphones. While everyone else was getting the cool iPods and whatnot, I wasn’t even allowed. 😛

    Now that I have an iPhone I don’t mind the white earphones so much. But prior to giving my brother my iPod touch (with the earphones), I noticed that they already got a bit dirty. I don’t know why but that makes me feel a little sad. :S

    I always disgusted people telling them the fact that snails take 12 hours to have sex (to put it bluntly). I do hope that’s true… otherwise I have been telling people the wrong thing. XD

    I’ve always been disgusted by snails myself though. 😛

    1. Umm… We don’t actually talk about the length of time that snails have sex, just that it occurs =P For land snails, they actually shoot darts at one another to keep the other snail close, and then they have sex (and since they’re both hermaphrodites, each of them will get fertilized eggs). That process (of exchanging sperm) is actually quite quick – it’s the process of getting to another snail (tracking it) and harpooning them (for lack of a better term) with the dart that takes a long time. It’s like a courtship, but you shoot them with a dart that’s filled with hormones that makes you like them (the snail’s version of a date rape drug).

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