(Yes, I make up words for the hell of it. It’s fun sometimes, but I do still have a great appreciation for the English language.)

So last night was my birthday party. People were fashionably (and not-so fashionably) late as well as being super early (while thinking that they were late, haha). But it was so nice to see everyone again. Some of my friends, I hadn’t seen since the summer and others I hadn’t seen since September (October was definitely an anti-social month for me, for reasons that shall not be disclosed at this time). So it’d been a while since I’ve seen a lot of people.

We watched a movie (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – I hadn’t seen it before and thought the kitty plates are kind of charming… if there had only been one) and had an awesome dinner (friends C and K helped out with the cooking, because I’m fairly hopeless when it comes to cooking anything beyond breakfast foods) and we had some form of pasta that was not spaghetti (my sister can’t read names on packaging, apparently) with very yummy sauce that required an impromptu shopping trip for an onion and realizing exactly how much pasta was made with one package (the family and I will be eating pasta every day for like… ever). But it was so nice seeing everyone again…

Even if my friend K was awfully mean with wrapping my present. It was a super light-weight box that had shredded paper inside with little taped folded pieces of paper. And she told me that I had to find 20 pennies in the wrapped up pieces of paper. I found 19. And then she starts giggling and laughing and hands me another penny and says that there was only 19 there. Then she goes out to her car and gets the real present, which also had duct tape… Oy. I hope her family owns stock in a company that makes duct tape, given how much she uses on me every year, haha.

My friends had gotten so good at getting me doubles of things. When I was 16, I got three copies of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares, when I was 17, I got two copies of P.S. I love you… by Cecelia Ahern and for my 18th and 19th birthday, there were no doubles/triples (I was impressed!). Heh, this year, I got two copies of Story of O by Pauline Réage and the strangest thing that I found was that the racier looking cover was given by my friend who generally wouldn’t even given a book like that the time of day. And this morning my sister sees the two copies of the book (with different covers – one is plain white with black lettering, the other has the image of a woman sitting in lingerie, not truly modern lingerie) and asks me what the book is about. First thing that came out of my mouth? “It’s a story about BDSM from a woman’s point of view.” That was an incredibly awkward conversation to say the least.

My sister J and friend K put the candles on my cake… 20 candles is a lot and the cake was so full of holes after, so glad I wasn’t turning 50 or something, then the entire thing could have been lit with a torch or something and gotten all the candles in one go. But yeah, the candles were lit, and everyone was just sitting there kind of staring at me and someone went (I think) “Made a wish yet?” or something like that, and then someone else went “Shouldn’t we sing first?” and then everyone starts singing.

All in all, it was an excellent time with my friends. I had an awkward time fielding some questions (because when someone asks you, more than once, if someone is showing up, it gets a little awkward after a while), but overall it was a fun time. A lot of time was spent just catching up with everyone and that was fun. K managed to summarize her life from the last 1-2 months in about less than 5 minutes. A record? I think so!

Went out shopping with the sister today. We went grocery shopping for the week (marshmallows was the number one thing on our shopping list), and then did some other shopping at the mall. I bought season 1 of Pushing Daisies for her, along with season 2 of Pushing Daisies (but she’s paying me back for that) and season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy. And then we happened to go wandering into Jacob’s. Whoops? Ahh well, I hadn’t bought new clothes in a while, and it’s always nice to wear nice lingerie, right? I’ve seriously gained a new appreciation for nice underthings over the last year, and learned to like handwashing clothes as well. But yeah, lots of shopping and ended up with new things to wear and season 5 of Grey’s.

It feels like it’s a Sunday even though it’s a Saturday, such a weird feeling.

Anyways, hope everyone had an awesome Friday and an even better Saturday!

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  1. Bah! Why do I always miss birthday posts by one day?

    Sounds like you had a really awesome time. ^_^ The kitty plates were awesome in HP… all the cuteness of kittycats without the litterbox. O_o#

    *lols at the BDSM comment*

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