Wedding (!!!), work and a new fanlisting

If you haven’t yet, and you still can, go watch Grey’s Anatomy. It’s the 100th episode and the wedding that you don’t want to miss. And in other news… It’s Thursday! Which meant Grey’s night. No more Private Practice as the season finale was last week (the season finale for Grey’s is next week, it’s […]

Cows go moo.

@ Lauren, Jenna and James – chocolate Skittles aren’t the same as M&M’s  (which is good, or else I would have felt the need to buy M&M’s or Smarties instead). They have the same texture as regular Skittles, just with chocolate-related flavours. The flavours were: vanilla (absolutely horrible), s’mores (more marshmallow-ish than anything else in […]

Skittles encourage awesome study habits? I think so.

Chocolate Skittles. Seriously. I have never seen them before and then I was wandering a dollar store in the mall and there they were. In all their shiny, chocolatey glory. All for a dollar. Other interesting things include a clothing store that was going out of business in which my sister and I went through […]