I’m studying today… … can’t you tell? On a similar note, I had the follow conversation ~5 minutes ago with my dad (D for Dad, M for me): D: You need to go and buy milk.M: I’m studying.D: You always say you’re studying when I want you to do something.M: *holds up lab manual* Stud-eeee-ing.D: […]

The Not-So-Awesome Wednesday

Let’s get a few things straight: You don’t get to take out your anger at me when you’re the one who calls me up to talk. You don’t get to take out you anger at me when you ask how someone in my life is and I answer honestly. You also do not get to […]

Little conversations

One of my friends from university that I haven’t seen since early 2009 (whoops…) even though we attend the same school and even had a class together last term (but we never saw each other) saw me today while I was leaving my lab class. She ran up to me and gave me a huge […]