A little bit of everything

The last week has been… Well, “interesting” is too vague and “exciting” is all wrong, no matter how you take the meaning of the word. Work’s been fairly consistent. Go to work, log into my computer and scan a few documents before getting my ‘real’ task for the day. Now, my supervisor will be off […]

Plans for the week

I got loads of sleep the night before (Saturday -> Sunday) and a decent amount of sleep last night (Sunday -> Monday). I’ve also been attempting to remember every single thing from my psychology notes, lecture slides (downloaded, of course) and textbook (as she will put questions with facts that are from the textbook, and […]

Things that I’ve learned in the last 24 hours

I get easily annoyed when people say they’ll do one thing, but then don’t. I also get easily annoyed when I get woken up and I will promptly fall back asleep, regardless of my best (or worse) intentions. People on the internet are weird. Proof 1: Making cozies for eggs. Proof 2: Making cozies for […]