I got loads of sleep the night before (Saturday -> Sunday) and a decent amount of sleep last night (Sunday -> Monday). I’ve also been attempting to remember every single thing from my psychology notes, lecture slides (downloaded, of course) and textbook (as she will put questions with facts that are from the textbook, and not the lecture notes – and she’ll also put questions that are from information that we got guest lecturers as well) – all in a bid to make sure that we a) attend class, b) pay attention and c) use the stupid textbook that cost way too much.

I’ve also been studying chemistry. Which has been going okay… I have six problem sets to do before my exam (plus the practice final!). I’m doing three tonight, three tomorrow (before 3pm) and then spending the rest of tomorrow studying for my psychology final (which is on Wednesday morning – 8:30am ftl…). And then Wednesday will be spent (after my final, of course) finishing up studying for my chemistry final, which will be on Thursday. And then I’ll be done! Yeah! I also need to make jewelry on Thursday as my sister needs a gift for her friend’s birthday present. Which means that I a) need to come up with something, b) need to make up packaging that has my name somewhere on it and c) need to photograph it for my own personal jewelry purposes. And completely update some pages on Chelle-Chelle.com. Oh, and I’ve been meaning to update Ames as well… New layout, new in character contest… Oh, the thought bunnies are running rampant in my head!

Then I have Friday where I’m going to start job searching (well, I’ve already started – but shall be intensifying the job search… Know anyone who’s hiring?) and I’m going to volunteering (missed last week because of my biology final). Plus I now have a green Post-It on my laptop telling me to ask L and/or J (the volunteering coordinators) if they’d mind being references. I’ll most likely ask L, I hardly ever see J around. But both of them seem to like me, so that’s okay. So that will be my week up until Friday… I also have to go to the library and return some books since they’ve been sitting in a neat pile in my room going “Michelle? Michelle…? You need to return us soon instead of just renewing us online… Michelle…? DAMN IT, WOMAN! TAKE US BACK TO THE LIBRARY!” (… I occasionally have an overactive imagination. And I’m not crazy. Honest…)

And then Saturday… I have excellent plans for Saturday. They involve seeing Clay! I have no clue what else that we’re doing though. But then we seem to be rather bad at making plans in advanced. A lot of them involve… meeting up and then taking half an hour deciding on where we’re going, what we’re going to do and oh hey, what do we want for dinner? It used to drive me insane the first… two times that we went out. Because I make plans for everything. Ask me what I’m going to take next year and the year after that and the year after that and I can tell you exactly what courses that I want to take, what schools I’m applying to and what I’m planning on having for lunch tomorrow. But I eventually decided that a little bit of spontaneity wasn’t going to kill me. (However, the jury is still out on how many minutes the spontaneity shortens my life by.) But we have plans! For Saturday! And there’s no way he can forget since one or both of us have mentioned it at least once every other day for the last… two weeks. Or so. Probably a little bit more than two weeks.

Anyways… It’s Monday! What did you do today that was awesome and deserving of mention (sort of)?

I paid for lunch when my sister, my dad and I went out for lunch today. My father has expensive tastes in restaurants, just have to mention.

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  1. I wrote an exam and learnt an alternate meaning for the word zombie (nickname used for Canadian soldiers conscripted to fight on the home front instead of overseas)
    I’m pretty sure my library books are saying the same things as yours are. If there wasn’t a limit on renewals, I would have my books for months.
    Good luck on the job finding hunt! A website I really liked when looking for jobs in the hospitality industry was: http://board.raisinjobs.com/

  2. Hm… I studied at school for a midterm with this guy I like today. Then we hung out for a few hours, then he drove me home. I arrived home in time to find my mother still angry at me; at around 9PM she had calmed down considerably, until my dad brought home the bill for our cell phones and she saw how many text messages I’d sent and received.

    Pretty shat day, all in day; no amount of Royce could make it any better.

  3. Hahha, downloaded lecture slides. Bliss.

    Best of luck finding a job! I still find it amazing you can do volunteer work with all this work too. *LOVE* You have a great study plan. I’m sure you’ll do well! ^O^ Unlike me = fail.

    Jewellery……. I miss making jewellery. I looked at some craft stuff today and wondered if I should take up some crafty things for the last few days of my holiday XD

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