The last week has been… Well, “interesting” is too vague and “exciting” is all wrong, no matter how you take the meaning of the word. Work’s been fairly consistent. Go to work, log into my computer and scan a few documents before getting my ‘real’ task for the day. Now, my supervisor will be off on vacation, so he’s loaded me up with lots of things to do next week (which is a four day week, thanks to Victoria Day! Hello, long weekend, it’s been a while!). So that should be… fun? A lot of driving between buildings, he thinks I might even just end up spending whole days over there… I hope not. But that’s work.

Umm… Someone new from work knows about the Boyfriend and myself. That would be my own doing, and I really have a good reason for it. This occurred on Tuesday. Umm, not going to get into it right now as it involves a story and me explaining why I would even tell anyone. That being said, D’s pretty trustworthy and he understands all my reasons for why people can’t know. Plus he thinks it’s cute. And he actually used the word ‘cute’, which was kind of weird. And to be honest, I only told him because he gave me some advice that was kind of useless unless someone found out. And yeah, that was Tuesday.

Thursday was the Grey’s Anatomy season finale. Two hours of “No!” and “LIVE, DAMN YOU!” and “NOOOOOOOOOOOO” from me. It was good fun. And, of course, they had to end on a cliffhanger of all things. Two hours of all that and a freaking cliffhanger. But I’m sad that I have to wait until season 6 begins in order to find out what happens! Ugh, when do season premieres start again? (Too far from now, obviously!) I’m also wanting to know what’ll happen in season 3 of Private Practice as well, but not as much as I want to find out what happens in season 6 of Grey’s! And that’s it for my fandom-ness for today.

I’m currently in the process of designing new crochet projects. One involves math (… I know, math and me… What a horrible combination!) and the other involves cutesy animals and babies. So that’s interesting. I also came up with a new project that I’m going to do for myself so I have something to decorate my cubicle with. But I’m keeping that completely underwraps since I want it to be a surprise (I’m not even telling my sister!).

Speaking of my sister… My other sister is officially coming back to Canada on the 27th. My parents are falling over themselves getting things ready so that we’re all welcoming and that she’ll stay instead of moving out as soon as she finds a new job here. Fat chance of that, seeing as it turns out that the only reason that she took the job in California was because it allowed her to get away from the parents. I mean, honestly, just taking a job in the next province would have done that, or stay in the same province and just move time zones! But yeah, that’s how badly she wanted to get away from the parents. And they’re thinking that they can convince her to stay at home…

But on a happier note, I’ve been getting updates done on my baby (read: Ames!). Turning 3 years old next month, I’m crazy happy about that. I’ll probably make the site a new layout in a while (the current one was just put up in late April!) but right now I’m organizing some kind of ‘election’ in the game as it takes place in a city and they don’t have any form of municipal government at the moment. But it’s not going to have mayors or anything, just councillors. Which was treated very nicely when I first suggested it, so I’ll see how that goes.

Umm… I think that’s about it? Oh! One last bit – I need to go to bank to get money so I can buy myself a present that my parents are going to kill me over (maybe). =) I’ll be sure to post photos when I get it!

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  1. So much has happened this week!
    I’m so curious about what happened at work with D. And all these presents etc.
    Come online, now! =P

  2. Wow, what a week you’ve had! I can’t believe your sister is moving back. That’s crazy.. I wonder how long she stays.. hmm…

    I’m also VERY interested in what this thing is you are going to buy that your parents are going to have a fit over. Ohh Michelle. We need to talk more on MSN..sad face. Soon, though..hopefully..

  3. Wow what a crazy week! Your parents sound like mine wanting their children to all live at home. I think it’s silly – parents should want their kids to go out on their own and be successful. Oh well.

    I’m excited to see this crochet project involving math.

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