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  1. Egg cozies? Seriously? I’m currently face palming. =_=

    I know what you mean by being injured by supplies it happens to me a lot.

  2. For some reason this made me smile. Perhaps because you wrote it so cleverly. 🙂
    But cozies for eggs and thermoses? That IS rather ridiculous.

  3. 😀

    I do the pokemon one. I ony watched one series of Pokemon and not it’s biggest fan, but I can tell you what one I have got, or haven’t got, and what level it is at. It must be something subliminal which enables that power.

    I agree with Heather, this made me smile. A lot. x

  4. Haha I’ve spit things out in response to Tweets before. I agree with that one.

    Also did you know that swimwear used to be knitted and crochetted a long time ago before suit material? I don’t know why anyone would use it now but it did exist back when my grandmother and great grandmother were children.

  5. My brother almost bought me a pokemon game and I was like NO, I am not 10 years old. Your sister sounds like she needs to get out more.

    Something should not be knitted!

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