My biology mark isn’t up yet. It’s been a little over two weeks… Granted, regular midterms take about a month just to get back to the class. But still, marks have to get in relatively soon since my school goes through academic records to hand out year standings by the end of the month. So there’s that. My official psychology mark isn’t up yet either. But it’s on my prof’s website. So I at least know what my grade is going to look like at the end of the day. Unlike my biology grade (Dr. H, if you’re reading this – I want my final grade, many thanks!). But I suppose I can wait a little bit longer… Maybe until the end of the week. Before I email my professor and ask what’s the hold up.

Work went well. People who come by my cubicle are generally going towards someone else’s office, not mine. Mostly because half of them are just all like “Oh hai there, you’re back!” P and J suggested that I bring in a poster of a band from home and post it up to cover up some of the random stuff that’s already up there. That’s ignoring the fact that I don’t actually own any band posters… I’m kind of an awesome fan of everything, haha. I do have a Grey’s Anatomy calendar though! I might put that up in my cubicle. Because it’s got Grey’s characters. I have no clue who’s in it for May, but that’s okay. Maybe I’ll put up a giant photo of a cat up or something. Or I’ll just put up random photos of things. I’m not sure. Have any suggestions for my boring cubicle?

In other news… Well there is no other news. There’s something wrong when all I can talk about is the lack of grades form school and about my cubicle… Oh well, such is life. Shall figure something else to fill up my time this summer. Still working consistently on my other sites (sort of), but everything kind of fell to the wayside once work started since that just takes up so much time out of a day and then after I get home, there’s not a whole lot that I actually want to do anymore.

Oh wait, there is news! Can’t believe I almost forgot to mention that yesterday, after my two hours of volunteering (which went very well!), I met up with K and we spent some time together at a local park. We watched this poor female duck getting chased by a few male ones and joked about how the birds and the bees would be explained to a child after watching a display like that. But it was fun and it was nice seeing her since I hadn’t spent any time with her in a long while… Same with a lot of other friends, guess it’s time to make plans with people and fill up my weeknights and weekends, eh?

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  1. I don’t own any band posters, either. I think the only one I’ve ever owned that was a full size poster was..hmm..I don’t know. None I think. I used to get them out of magazines though.
    You should take random objects and put them in your cubicle. Like.. things that people will cock their head and question you about. XD
    Of course, if you want to be somewhat normal, I’d stick with that calendar and maybe some photos.

    Sounds like you had a nice day at the park! They have alot of them here that I’d like to go to but we never do. Hmm..

  2. That’s one way to make a good use of your b-day present. =P And yes, you should hang out with your friends (or more specifically, with mmeeeeeeee!!!!)

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