@ Kristi – I probably won’t end up decorating it too much since it’s a) surrounded by random boxes of old computer parts, b) the walls [where I could pin things up] are partially covered with other documents and c) I spend a third of my time over at the other building, a third downstairs and a third in my cubicle.

And today is the end of my first work week for the year. I finished up all the paperwork for payroll today, got access to almost everything that I need access too. I also spent most of the day roaming around a building that I am not familiar with at all. And as a result, a lot of people were asking who I was and if I was supposed to be there. I texted Clay later saying that I really ought to make a shirt going “Yes, I work here and yes, I’m [my mom]’s daughter”. It really would make life a whole lot easier. Because I get a lot of “Do you work here?” and “Are you [my mom]’s daughter?” So even if my supervisor calls ahead to get the okay for me to roam around and observe, people still question my presence. Someone thought I was trespassing, until I saw someone that I knew and got them to vouch for me. At least they’re diligent? I also froze my computer by accident by having too many Word documents open. I have to remember that the computer I’m using is fairly ancient and can’t handle having more than five documents (without photos) open at a time. And then I get home and I’ve currently got… Thunderbird, Firefox, Windows Media Player, 7 MSN chat windows and Photoshop open. And it’s not even slow… But whatever… I get paid to wait for files to load, whoot?

My sister’s gone for the weekend, which leaves me with my parents… Yay? But Wolverine came out today, so I’m going to see if I can find anyone who’d like to see it with me. Marvel comics characters in another movie? Count me in! (I am such a dork.) My sister wanted to see it with me, but she’s off on a freaking mountain for two days. So I don’t really care all that much that she wanted to see it too. I have volunteering on Sunday for two hours, I have to find the person that I’m reporting to – too bad I have no clue what she looks like… So that should be interesting. Plus, I’ll actually get some exercise by walking the three blocks it takes to get there (since my bus pass officially ran out yesterday). And it’s supposed to rain on Sunday? … I think I have an umbrella somewhere, which will be super helpful in avoiding that ‘drowned’ look that is so not in season. No clue what I’m doing for the rest of the weekend though. I know tonight Dollhouse is on, so there is that. But that’s Friday. I might just head out to the library and chill for a while in those nice comfy (probably fake) leather seats. Ransack their crafts section again, perhaps. Not having a life on the weekend? … Not that much of a change.

Hope you all have a great weekend! At least better than mine is forecasted to be (well, besides the volunteering). And that you had an excellent Friday.

Today’s title comes for “100 Years” by  Five For Fighting.

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  1. I love that song! 😀

    Cubicle girl, tehee. And congrats on passing chemistry *dances*

    Getting paid to wait for files to load… doesn’t sound great. You’re doing nothing! I don’t like ancient computers; my five-year-old desktop PC is fat and dying all the time now. *LOVE* laptop. I love how there’s a warning when I open multiple Word documents: opening multiple instances may slow down your computer. Are you sure you want to do this? 😛

    Hahah. I’m chatting to someone who is actually watching Dollhouse as I type this… I don’t even know what it’s about; sounds like some crime show…?

    It’s been raining a fair bit here. What is weird is that it was pouring at uni, and when I went near home to go to work, it was fine. :S Suppose it’s because I live so far. :3

    Love the new layout too 😀 Beautiful flowerssss :3

  2. lol don’t worry I’m dork too! Count me in too!xD
    My week finished too fast, I cought the flu from my friend and I spent my weekend crying while my sisters got to go to a party!

  3. it’s forecasted as Sunny here, and right now it’s amazingly beautiful weather, woot!

    I get that a lot because I look like a younger and considerably taller version of my mom. I get her friends sometimes talking to me telling me how great I look until I say “I’m not Shola(my mom) I’m Shola.” and then they look all bashful. I need a t-shirt saying “I’m Shola, Sharon’s daughter.” LOL

    I really admire your new layout, it’s amazingly beautiful, It’s imspiring me to make my layout more girl and flowerly, just for the summer. 😀 Ahhh.

    Hope you have an brilliant weekend. x

  4. I just can’t even stand slow computers anymore. I’m so used to my brand new one that if I go back it’s just painful. I guess getting paid for just waiting for the slow computer isn’t too shabby though. You can only get done what you can get done, right?

    I want to see Wolverine too but probably won’t today! I hope you’ll tell us how it is!

    You are so cute with your music subjects.

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