A little bit of everything

The last week has been… Well, “interesting” is too vague and “exciting” is all wrong, no matter how you take the meaning of the word. Work’s been fairly consistent. Go to work, log into my computer and scan a few documents before getting my ‘real’ task for the day. Now, my supervisor will be off […]

Wedding (!!!), work and a new fanlisting

If you haven’t yet, and you still can, go watch Grey’s Anatomy. It’s the 100th episode and the wedding that you don’t want to miss. And in other news… It’s Thursday! Which meant Grey’s night. No more Private Practice as the season finale was last week (the season finale for Grey’s is next week, it’s […]

So what’s the difference between two different things again?

So today… Woke up, ate breakfast, made a new bracelet for my mom, went for a run (my legs aren’t being very forgiving for it, by the way). Then there was a lunch, watching Dollhouse as I didn’t get a chance to watch it last night (SPOILER, because I’m awful: omg, did you watch it?! […]