So today… Woke up, ate breakfast, made a new bracelet for my mom, went for a run (my legs aren’t being very forgiving for it, by the way). Then there was a lunch, watching Dollhouse as I didn’t get a chance to watch it last night (SPOILER, because I’m awful: omg, did you watch it?! Alpha? Paul? Echo? Alpha was a lot more attractive once he was no longer acting like someone else. And Paul’s a jerk for what he did to Mellie.). Then there was a lunch, some crocheting, a little photography taking and then.. yeah, that’s about it for today. Oh, there was dinner as well. But that was shortlived.

I’ve applied for a few fanlistings, mostly for characters from television shows that I noticed were lacking (shocker). Thanks for the comments about the new theme, I’m glad you like it.

A little while ago, my dad was asking me a question regarding Photoshop about a feature that I’ve used before, but I haven’t used in ages and it’s not something that I’m particularly familiar with. So I tell him that I don’t know and then I suggested that he go and look it up with Google. Then he gives me this look and goes “But it’s so much easier to ask you than to look it up. Why don’t you go look it up for me and then tell me?” I tried to explain that I was busy (… sort of, not really – I just didn’t feel like it) and then he starts going on and on about everything that he’s ever done for me. Chinese school (nine years worth of Saturdays that I will never get back, plus I didn’t learn much), my laptop (… bought with the interest from my RESP), various family vacations (from before the age of 13) and how much stress I cause to him and how that hinder his health. So I fucking Googled the stupid feature he wanted me to explain to him and then told him how to use it. Now he’s sitting in the same room and playing with Photoshop and keeps on asking me questions. “What’s the difference between the healing brush and blurring?”

My final (scaled!) psychology mark is out! It got scaled up 5%! Now I’m just waiting for that mark to officially show up (it’s only on my prof’s website right now) and my biology grade.

I’d like to take suggestions for any television series (finished or not) that you think I should watch. Because, see, I have nothing better to do. Last year I caught up on all the seasons of One Tree Hill that were out, as well as Gossip Girl and a few other series. And so far, I’ve been keeping up pretty well with General Hospital, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Dollhouse. Any series that you think I should watch? Thanks in advanced for your suggestion(s)!

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  1. Psh. Your dad needs to Google his own stuff. And not guilt trip you like that, because that’s just not cool! 🙁

  2. What’s your dad going to do when you move out and are no longer taking his calls because he asks you inane questions? He better start learning how to google now while you’re still there to help =)

  3. I can relate with looking things up for my parents. They constantly want me to do things for them. I can’t wait until I move out so I don’t have to do it anymore. That’s ridiculous that he was so lazy.

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