On April 1st, I woke up to snow and the fact that there was snow flakes falling from the sky. Today? I woke up to this:


Yeah, that’s sunshine! It’s amazing how much the weather changes in less than a week, eh? It was such nice weather today, I spent most of my time (when not seated in classes) carrying my jacket and having my sunglasses clipped on (they’re the easy-clip… it’s magnetic and just stays right over my regular prescription lenses – very handy!).

Today’s been pretty awesome, as far as Mondays go. I went to my very last psychology lecture for the term, it was a review session and only about a dozen students ended up showing up for it (out of a few hundred…). I thought it was pretty useful. She went over main topics, told us how the questions would be organized, according to chapters, how it was going to look on the test, and we had several sample example problems to do and she hinted that of the 10 example problems, 5 would be showing up exactly identical on the exam itself. Awesome, of course!

English lit went well today, as always, I’ve really enjoyed that class and the professor is such a great teacher. Plus, you know, making pop cultural references in regards to how pre-18th century English literature can be more easily understood is always a plus!

It’s been a pretty good term, even though it’s not technically over quite just yet. Just a few more days and a handful of exams and then it’ll all be over.

And then I can go and wallow in self pity over my state of unemployment while sending out resumes as fast as I can press the send button and draft up cover letters… This whole ‘feeling of dread over not being about to afford anything next year’ is kinda shitty. Just saying.

I thought I’d include a few other photos: daffodils and crocuses, both right by my front steps! And plus, they make me feel a lot better. Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!



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  1. I’ve got the opposite happening… On the 2nd, I was able to walk to the park in a light jacket and play on the swings. Today, there are trees down everywhere due to heavy snow.

    I haven’t seen hardly any flowers yet, either.

  2. I heard the rain is gonna be back sooner then later.. bleh .. There are more trees and grass here in my area then garden. 🙁

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