Well, I’d rather that there be daisies everywhere rather than fog and snow and rain and mist and oh my gosh, the slush. I hate the slush. And getting splashed with slush. And rude people on public transit and weird people who stare at me (when I’m sitting next to them, not across from them, ughh). But umm.. Yeah. Other than that, there’s a new theme up. I was actually going to go for a red, white, pink, lace, hearts and rainbows and all other cheery things that are related to Valentine’s Day (which is happening in twelve days – still haven’t settled on a cookie recipe, I’ll probably end up baking on the Friday before hand, go me!). But then… I remembered that I’m not really into red, white and pink. Or hearts, for that matter. I do like rainbows, but only in moderation and half the time they’re not very spectacularly photographed. Which leaves me with things that I do like. Teddy bears, baked goods and daisies. And since none of my teddies were feeling photogenic today (and trust me, I tried! Poor things, I probably accidentally kicked them in my sleep or something, they were positively sulky-looking in the photos that I took of them) and I couldn’t find any photos of baked goods that I liked, I ‘settled’ (… erm, more like ‘jumped straight to’) on daisies. Which make me happy. Plus it’s green, which makes me even more happy! So it’s just a happy-happy theme all around, eh?

Watch me hate it within a few days. Just watch. Karma will come around and kick my butt or something. In a “You shouldn’t have said that you liked it, damn you!” fashion. I should really stop personifying my cosmic fate like it’s destined since I don’t believe in that crap.

Anyways… How has your Monday been? I attended my classes… Found out that my English lit prof (the one with the lovely, lovely New Zealand accent) is basically a blessing in disguise. By the time the midterm exam rolls around, we will have read several different texts and he’s taking roughly half of them out so we’ll only be getting tested on half of the material that we’ve done. That basically means that I don’t need to reread/study 200+ pages of Old English and Middle English texts. I love him, I swear I do.

My psych prof is MIA this week. Which is basically really bad considering she’s canceled next Monday’s lecture so that we can study for the midterm but the midterm’s on the following Wednesday so as a class, we’re unable to email her questions and whatnot as she’s currently in a remote area of Africa helping a team of psychologists from one of the Ivy League schools do a study (she’s apparently a big name…? I’m not well-versed in modern-day psychologists to know how well-known she is, I’m afraid). Ugh…

My biology lab tomorrow morning has been canceled due to the fact that he doesn’t want us all the wake up super early for no reason if we don’t feel the need to attend. All we need to do is hand in our lab report and study for the quiz the following week. I really have no issues with this at all! More sleep for me! Actually, I’m not really going to be sleeping in tomorrow morning. I’m going to be waking up early and reviewing my psychology notes and probably my chem notes and I’m going to be getting to school ahead of time so that I can get some study time in at the library since I just cannot study in the mornings when my dad’s still home as he just starts talking to me and asks if I’ve eaten anything for breakfast and if I’m going to be eating lunch before I go and if I want to help him with some assorted task or why is television ‘acting up’ again.

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  1. Ughh I’m with you! I’d rather see daisies everywhere too, they are my favorite flower. It’s to the point here where the big mounds of snow are all black and nasty on the side of the road and they are finally starting to melt, just in time for some more. It makes me want to cry! Plus, I’ve had the urge to swim lately!

  2. Well, I don’t like daisies… or any flower, for that matter. But this is a very nice theme indeed, very soft and indicative of spring 😀

    You’re lucky your English professor is so cool. Mine is an idiot for most of the time that’s it’s unbearable.

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