Caity was given 5 words as topics to blog about and issued the challenge to her readers. I asked for some words and these are the words that I received: music, Blythe, education, relationships and nursing. Thanks Caity!

I used to be heavily involved in music, I was in choir and band for school for several years. Some of the only best memories I have from middle school (and there are not a lot of those) came from the music program that my school had. Nowadays, I don’t play the clarinet very often, and I don’t sing very often anymore, unless it’s along to the radio, but music is still something that makes up a large part of my day. It’s what I listen to on my commute to and from work or school, it’s what I escape into when I don’t want to have to handle what ‘real life’ has to offer.

You mean you’re not all tired of hearing me go on about my dolls yet?! Awesome! Anyways, I was never big into dolls. Toys, yes, but not dolls. I have a lot of stuffed animals, small vinyl figurines, a Lego dog that I will never, ever take apart, but I was never really into dolls. I had, at the most, 3 Barbies and 1 Skipper growing up. So I’m not quite sure why I was so drawn to Blythe. I think it’s because the doll was such an underdog, given that she was produced for a  year and then disappeared because kids thought that she was scary. I never saw that. It could be my exposure to anime, but I just found her so charming… I absolutely fell in love with Blythe the first time that I saw them in person. Just those big eyes and diminutive body and their childlike charm. I think in a way, Blythe is another form of escape. Things just seem a lot better when you’re holding onto this doll that stares up at you with the biggest eyes in the world. Plus they’re just so damn adorable and it’s fun making things for them to wear. My dad worries that Blythe is going to be a phase for me, since they’re so expensive, but I don’t think that they will be. I’m just so attached to them right now, I don’t think I’d give them up.

There will be days when I wonder out loud to myself, or to others, about why I’m even going to school. Usually after a midterm or a final or after getting a paper back. But what I’ve learned since starting university, not including the actual academic portion of it, is what I put in is what I get back. I learned a lot about myself and about school in a way that I never did in high school. I will honestly admit that I coasted through high school. I only studied for tests, I only did homework when I had to. I only read ahead if it was for English class and that was about it. I learned a lot since going to university. Studying even without the pressure of an upcoming test, moderating myself in terms of time spent doing “other crap” and “school crap”. Learning the value of education and being about to talk about things in terms of cost to my education. Like my laptop? It cost the same as half a term! My human anatomy and physiology textbook (that will go with me to my grave?)? That is one whole Blythe doll. That being said, I can also convert things to ‘Blythe currency’ as well.

I’m sure you’ve all read about my friends mentioned only by first initials (i.e. K, K, C, J, J, S, R … etc). Most of my friends that I keep in regular contact with are from high school. I have made some friends in university, but those are my ‘course’ friends. You know, the ones you keep for the duration of the term, you add them onto Facebook and occasionally stop in on their profile to see how so-and-so is doing? But my high school friends (Kelsey, Katie, Charlene, Josephina, Jenna, Serena, Ryan… among others!) are wonderful people. I love them all dearly. Granted, some of them drive me insane (and you all know who you are…) but I’m sure you mean well, and not to drive me to an early asylum cell.

And you’ve all read about Clay… Mostly because he’s the only person (besides myself) that I refer to on a regular basis, without the use of an initial. Essentially, my relationship with Clay is basically my first ‘serious’ relationship in all ways possible. It bothers me whenever we have a fight and I have this warm fuzzy feeling inside whenever we’re happy together. He listens to me when I talk about my dolls (and calls me doll crazy, but affectionately) and always makes an effort to find video games that he thinks I will like when I’m over at his house and I find myself with a controller in my hand. I’m rather crazy about him and I love him a lot. Good thing too, considering I’m dating him and all. I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone in my life that’s quite affected me as much as he has. ♥♥♥

I’ve wanted to have a career in health for years. Before nursing it was mostly to be a pediatric oncologist, but after realizing how many years and years and years of schooling it took to specialize like that, I decided on nursing. I’ve learned to appreciate support staff, like nurses and resident care aids a lot more after I started volunteering last September. Just the amount of things that they needed to do, the patience that they needed to have, the knowledge that they had… I knew after I started volunteering that nursing was definitely something that I want to do with my life. I think the ability to be able to care for people and care about them and have patience with them is something that I am more than capable of doing. Plus, some of the staff and residents that work/live where I volunteer, who know that I want to be a nurse, think that I would be a good one. Because I’m patient with the residents and I pay attention to details, I know when to be firm and when I can let the residents do whatever they’d like.

Whoa, that’s a lot of writing. Anyways, thanks so much to Caity for her choice of my 5 words. If you’d like 5 words to blog about, please let me know in your comment and I’ll give you 5 words to blog about!

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  1. This was really interesting to read about. Thanks for participating. I especially enjoyed reading about education and nursing. I learned a lot of things I didn’t know about you.

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