I’ve been preoccupied with school lately, it’s basically my life at the moment. That and job searching. Speaking of which, if you know anyone who’s willing to hire a BSc student, currently in 3rd year, that has some some lab experience working with both living and dead animal and plant tissues; handling chemicals in a lab setting; and oodles of data entry experience and is a quick learner for most things computer related, let me know! Bonus points if the job is located in British Columbia, by the way.

I have weekly assignments and online quizzes and labs for oceanography (assignments + quizzes), ecology (assignments + quizzes) and biostatistics (assignments + labs). Plant geography blissfully doesn’t have any of that, but that also means that my grade is based solely on a single term paper, midterm and final exam. Peachy, isn’t it? (Reminds me of Animal Mechanics all over again.) But I’ve been keeping up with all of my classes thus far – it does help that I have two 3-hour breaks each day where I just sit in a comfy chair with my biostatistics textbook or read over notes for oceanography. Because I really am that much of a keener. It’s good though, right? Getting into a good study habit? I still have friends who complain about still being in holiday mode because they only had 3.5 weeks of winter vacation (yeah, you read that right, three and a half! I thought I lucked out with 2.5!).

Needless to say, I’m not feeling overwhelmed (yet), like I did at about the same time in first term. School’s exhausting sometimes, and it’s difficult to get a lot of sleep and time in for things for me. When it’s all school, school, school and study, study, study, I end up losing sight of what’s really important to me. Which includes things like watching a movie or hanging out with people that who’s mugs I don’t have to see every single day 😉 (I kid, I kid, I heart my school buds, even if they drive me insane with their constant “Why are you always studying?”)

This weekend has so far been doing assignments (oceanography, ecology) as well as doing online quizzes (oceanography, ecology), some review of already taught material (plant geography) and reading (and taking notes) for chapter 4 (biostats).

I plan on taking a little bit of time tomorrow to get some baking in because I really want cupcakes… Plus I need to do some grocery shopping for bagels (breakfast for the week!) and some more juice (someone keeps on drinking all my orange juice). I’m currently on a goal not to spend money on campus unless absolutely necessary. Necessary spending (in my mind) includes course materials (i.e. my biostatistics textbook was a necessity, lunch during first week on campus wasn’t really one and could have been prevented). So in other words, my goal is just to really not buy food on campus. Which means I either bring something to eat (due to a few ‘short’ days, my idea of bringing something to eat is usually an apple and a few granola bars and a bottle of water; for my longer days, with large breaks, I’ll bring another bagel, hah, with cream cheese along with fruit, granola bars, water). Trying to save money and eat remotely healthy… Interesting combination, no? I’m trying my best to cut out junk food right now, exceptions are things that are at home (i.e. cookies, cupcakes, ice cream – I deem these as okay as I can only eat them at home, and I spend more time outside of home than in, and I eat them in moderation, as opposed to when I’m studying and food just disappears…). So it’s really like, anything goes, as long as it came from my house. And that was a long-winded blurb about food.

I really try not to dwell too much on food and intake of food too much. Me getting too obsessed with checking my weight has led to incredibly bad things in the past that I would very much like to not revisit, but my craptastic eating habits during first term (a lot of buying food on campus = both disgustingly expensive and disgusting for my body) are not to be repeated.

I hope everyone had a lovely week, I should be getting back to my studies for the weekend!

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  1. Nawww, I’m doing the same thing. I haven’t gone back to uni again but I need to stop buying so much food on campus (and at the restaurants around!). I’m going to start taking more food with me. I’m usually never hungry at home but when I’m out and about I get more hungry. ;_; I’m getting too lazy to make sandwiches in the morning, and buying salads is so expensive. Funny that healthy food = $$$ most of the time.

    I hope you find a job! I hate job-hunting, I really do. Partially because my mum wants me so desperately to find one, when I already have one. @_@ I believe James’s sister is doing work experience in a hospital… don’t know if you have labs or centres that you can ask around in? D:

  2. Job searching is tough! =[ Unfortunatly, I can’t help you since I can not find a job myself. It is tough but you willfind a job…. eventually. Just keep your head up and keep up with your school work! I think it is better for you to get good grades and work hard in school rather than having the extra burden. I also know that needing a job while still in school is stil a necessity also.

    I hope you got to make your cupcakes and they were delicious!

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