One of the schools that I applied to for their nursing program sent me a letter with this quote which made me freak out a little:

This letter is a final notice that important communication(s) about your application, registration or grades is waiting for you at [URL], the website for [insert school name here].

Guess who didn’t set up email forwarding from this school’s email to an email that actually gets checked? I did that (now). There were 55 emails waiting in my school email (for that school) which had the exact same things as the letter than I got. Final notice! Turns out it was a ‘communications’ (non-email? What the fudge?) about how that they’ve gotten all my transcripts and additional documents (which were hand delivered) and that my application is now considered complete and is being considered for enrollment. <- That’s what I like to hear. You should have heard my dad. “Why are you getting mail from [school name]? I thought you’re going to [current school name]? You are only allowed to go to [current school name]!”. Then I reminded him that the other school also has a nursing program, so it’s really for ‘backup’ purposes.

Oh fudge, I’d hate to see his reaction when I get mail from the local college I also applied to.

In other news, I’m sick. Last night, I sat down at the kitchen table to take some cough medication and my sisters were both like “Why don’t you just stay home tomorrow?” My reply? “Got a math midterm tomorrow.”

And honestly, I should have just stayed home. I got a migraine near the end of my first class (right before math!) and the migraine made sitting in a very cramped lecture hall (holds ~200 people – all seats were taken) coupled with bright lights very uncomfortable. Half an hour into my midterm (the midterm was only for 50 minutes), I couldn’t focus on my paper anymore because of my head. I knew that the paper had a formula and I knew how to compute the equation, I honestly did. But I’m afraid I didn’t do too well on that midterm, mostly because I just could not focus. Pounding headaches suck, seriously they do. I’m currently sitting in my bed, with three blankets over my lap and around me and I’m going to have some soup after finishing this.

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  1. Sending you get well thoughts! I really am enjoying reading your blog. I loved college and am reliving happy memories while reading this.

    Good luck

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