All I want for Christmas… is you

I spent an hour today attempting to teach my friend how to knit and purl as she decided a little while ago that she would knit her boyfriend a scarf for Christmas. Actually, let me amend that: she wants to knit a scarf that is ~30cm wide and ~6 feet long. By Christmas. So ~6 […]

You’re doing it wrong.

Why do I know people like this? I’m officially friends with the biggest idiot that I have ever met. Officially. Now, I was friends with her before, but I never realized how little things clicked together in her head. Why is she an idiot? (And no, it is not the person who landed herself in […]

“Good” morning…?

Today’s blog entry is brought to you by the number 100.9. Which also happens to be my current temperature (in Fahrenheit, of course – I’m pretty sure I would no longer be capable of brain function if my brain was boiling in Celsius – 100.9 F is about 38.3 C. Normal body temperature is 98.2 […]