It wouldn’t be Christmas without the backhanded insults!

Oh… Christmas, Christmas, Christmas… What can I say about today? My family and I had crepes this morning for breakfast. Super organic crepes. If it could, the bag of crepe mix would have had a superhero cape because it was just that full of seeds and other healthy things. It tasted super healthy, even with […]

Merry Christmas (Eve)!

Merry Christmas (Eve) – depending on when you’re reading this. I hope you all got what you were hoping to find underneath your Christmas tree. I’m just glad that I have a tree this year – even though I didn’t get to decorate it (it looks fabulous though! More photos of it tomorrow!). I spent […]

Birthday smasharoonies!

(Yes, I make up words for the hell of it. It’s fun sometimes, but I do still have a great appreciation for the English language.) So last night was my birthday party. People were fashionably (and not-so fashionably) late as well as being super early (while thinking that they were late, haha). But it was […]