Merry Christmas (Eve) – depending on when you’re reading this. I hope you all got what you were hoping to find underneath your Christmas tree. I’m just glad that I have a tree this year – even though I didn’t get to decorate it (it looks fabulous though! More photos of it tomorrow!).

I spent this morning shopping with my sister. She bought my Christmas present for me (… while I was there and picking it out and watching her fork over her credit card for it… -coughs- So yes, I ‘peeked’ at my gift!) and we went shopping for craft supplies (it so happens that there’s an absurd amount of people who also go shopping for craft supplies – mainly yarn – on Christmas Eve). We bought some more yarn as the store I went to on Tuesday got new inventory, I also got some fabric (marked quilting squares?) that were priced at $0.25/each, it’s more than enough fabric to make at least one doll dress out of each, so I’m happy about that, as well as a double-ended crochet hook! I’ve been trying to find one for ages, it’s used for double crocheting and it can also be used for Tunisian crochet if I’m not mistaken – new methods of crocheting to try out!

No baking for today, I didn’t get home until about 2pm-ish, at that point my sister was more interested in showing off our ‘loot’ to my other sister (who went shopping for my Christmas present – on Christmas Eve, apparently the mall were ridiculous!) so we had lunch and then watched a movie (Borrowed Hearts – the only Christmas-y movie that I watch every year).

And then the rest of my evening was spent watching The Sound of Music (yay) with the sisters and during/later, I changed 2 pairs of eye chips on my Blythe dolls (more details, and photos!, over at Little Miss Sophie, my Blythe blog).

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