@ Dane – The girl who was rude was K, who was hanging out with A. But I know more than one A. As well as more than one K. I tend to reuse letters due to the fact that everyone honestly just seems to have names that start with the same first letter in the area that I’m from. Off the top of my head, I can think of 3 A’s that I’ve referenced before, probably 4-5 K’s, 6+ J’s, a few D’s, 2-3 C’s (not including Clay), probably 2-3 M’s, no N’s, Q’s or B’s as I can recall and a few others. If I gave everyone their own letter, I’d be restricted to only talking about 26 people. and I’d have to start referring to myself as ‘Michelle’ or ‘Me’ in conversation snippets rather than the super-simple ‘M’. And I do know more than 26 people (I’m not that socially stunted, I don’t think?). Granted, I’m not buddy-buddy with the majority of the people that I get to interact with, but the silly, the stupid and the stupendously awesome do get mentioned from time to time. So I’m sorry for the confusion. My clarification: A (who is dating F) is not the same A who is friends with K (who is a judgmental moron).

I fell asleep sometime around 1:37am (which was when I sent out my last text message). I woke up a few times. Once at 4:30am-ish, once at 7am and then another time at 8:30am. When it was 8:30am, I got out of bed and did all the usual morning things. Ate my bagel while brushing my hair, brushed my teeth while tugging up my socks – I like multi-tasking in the morning. I got outside and was at the bus stop by 8:50am. This is good, the bus is not scheduled to arrive until 9am and there is no way that the bus is ever more than 10 minutes early because it leaves the bus loop like… 15 minutes before it gets to my stop. So this is good.

9am passes. I’m getting fidgety, it starts raining. Ughh… Pull out the (slightly broken) red umbrella, look at time on cell phone. Oh, hey, the next bus gets there at around 9:20am. Might as well stick out the wait since going back home would entail me waking up my dad (and that’s never a good thing). 9:20 passes, no bus. I try calling home to see if my dad’s up so I can get a ride – no can do, “The number you have dialed is not in service. Please check the area code that you are dialing and try your call again.” I hate the digital phone company that we’re with. (Read my post here to see how much I hate them and the company is called iTalkBB – good choice to avoid!). See, if I get on my bus on time (… and if it arrives on time), I get to school about 20-30 minutes before my first class and I can factor in the time that it takes me to walk from the bus loop to the other side of the campus to get to my class. Which is awesome and I always get there early. Provided the bus actually arrives.

So it’s about 9:35am. Still no bus. But I have company at the bus stop now! This really great, friendly old man who has a “#1 Grandfather” baseball hat on and this guy who’s probably around my age who, as I found out, lives right next door to me (one of my neighbour’s tenants, they either have like 3 different families living there or there’s been a change in tenants) and attends one of the artsy schools (which costs an arm and a leg in tuition). It’s still raining. And raining. And raining. Oh, have I mentioned yet that I was wearing runners today? With ankle socks? (My stash of knee socks are currently in the laundry basket – obviously I need to buy more so I don’t end up wearing ankle socks when it’s pouring rain and I have the poor sense not to wear something else besides runners.) And I was wearing jeans. Which got soaked, all before I even got on a bus. Awesome.

9:45am – the bus arrives! It’s crowded because the last two buses never showed up at any of the stops. I managed to snag a seat right by the front door. The bus chugs along and then stops at the midway point. Apparently it’s ‘running ahead of schedule’ (for that bus’ schedule). And stays there. For 5 minutes. The bus that I’m in pulls into the train station at probably around 10:05am? I could see the train leaving right when I get there. So, there was another 7 minute wait. Then I shuffle onto the train. I finish half of a crossword by the time I get to my stop. Get off, get into the line for yet another bus. That takes about 5 minutes (not bad, not bad…).

I get to school at 11:20am. My class is nearly halfway over. So I walked (and managed to avoid stepping into giant puddles masquerading as lakes!) to the bookstore and sat myself down and flipped through more magazines before my other class began at noon.

Needless to say… Today started off fairly decently (no one ate my remaining blueberry bagel, yes!) but it went straight downhill from there.

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  1. I hate when buses don’t show up or show up too early. I wish they’d have all bus stops be like the ones for the 98 B Line which has a sign telling you how many minutes away the next bus is

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