Thanks to everyone who wished that I get well soon. Last night, I think I went to bed at around 11pm-ish, and then woke up briefly around 4am and didn’t get back to sleep until around 6am-ish. Then I woke up again (because someone woke up me for lunch near noon). Oh, and having to move clocks forward an hour really screwed me up this morning because I needed to turn my cell phone off and then back on again in order to get the time change, but I had my laptop on before I did that, so I was looking at the laptop time and getting so confused.

And just a few things that I’ve learned while being sick this weekend:

In other words: crafting in general is a bad idea. Even if you’re absolutely sure that you’re perfectly well enough to handle it. Because you’re not. Because you end up with beading needles in your leg, or a few rows of single crochet to undo.

That being said, I also got some great life lessons today from my mom. I’ll type them up later when I can actually think about it without laughing too hard.

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  1. My mum’s never given me life lessons. Just little “warnings” – don’t do this, don’t do that. etc. XD

    OWW! What a jab! Hope it wasn’t too serious *cringe* did you lick the blood? HAHHA. Well yeah, if my lip bleeds or something I lick it. But other things with blood.. not so good XD. It creeps me out sometimes.

    Crafting =D. I haven’t done any in a while. I’ve been taking up poetry on the train in the mornings. XD

  2. I’m so sorry you’re sick, Michelle! That truly is a bummer. 🙁

    I used to try to bead in bed. Definitely did not work out and I learned similar lessons myself. XD

  3. Sewing needles with thread on them should not be left out if you have pets. one of my cats swallowed it and it didn’t do any damage (which was lucky but odd)

    Glad it wasn’t near your face..

  4. Eeeeek about the needles on the bed… I’d hate that. I’ve never done that yet – thank goodness, I always use one needle and then put it back if I need to switch..I’m so anal and so scared I’ll prick myself! 😀

    I love crafting. I havent done it in so long, I need to get back into it… I just need to find the time :/

  5. All the clubs here are boring; I don’t think I want to really get involved in any. O_O though I joined some stupid ‘advantage program’ for 89 dollars. It’s supposed to be.. cool. ._.

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