I wasn’t late to chemistry this morning (yay). I actually got there a whole three minutes before my prof started talking – I really need to stop waking up and checking the time and seeing that my regular bus had just been missed. Makes me really want to just stay in bed for the rest of the day.

I handed in my biology project (last one for the term) before class, fed the mice some more (they’re so damn adorable).

I got my algae midterm remarked – I got 91% (A+) instead of 86% (A) (very pleased with that!). (I used to be incredibly competitive about grades in high school – once I got to university? So not competitive anymore. Depending on the class, I’m quite content with a pass or a low grade, like for organic chemistry. For other classes, generally biology, English and psychology, I do expect to get B’s or so.)

I didn’t completely fall asleep during psychology. My prof spend ~30 minutes on the same slide that he went over on Wednesday – the slide did not require that much explanation.

I hung out at volunteering for 2 hours – had fun despite having to tell one person that no, they could not have another beer because they were cut off from the alcohol for the day (yeah, that’s always a blast). Left volunteering a little early since I was the last volunteer to go and L didn’t need me to stay until 4:30 (so I caught an earlier bus and got home to help with making dinner).

I watched another episode of Pushing Daisies (I bought season 1 of the show for my sister’s birthday, she bought season 2 for herself) – the season premiere for season 2. Excellent show, very sad that it was taken off the air though, but at least it’s on DVD and I can watch it at my own leisure.

Hope everyone had a lovely Friday and an even better Saturday.

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