The ways today did not just work out well for me:

  1. I slept in and woke up about a minute before my regular bus arrives.
  2. I skipped breakfast and lunch. I ate when I got home (at 3pm, I woke up a little bit after 6am).
  3. It didn’t just rain, it poured and I didn’t have my umbrella with me (due to the fact that I was rushing out of the house).
  4. I cut my finger (twice) with a razor blade in my biology lab (I was making cross-sections of the specimens).
  5. I tripped down the stairs (concrete stairs…) in the biology building. My knees are not thankful to me.
  6. I got stuck on the train for over 40 minutes (my usual train ride is much less than that) due to someone activating the emergency thing… And missed my regular bus going home, and the one after that. I got home an hour later than usual.

Other things that I did today included… eating something as soon as I got home (whilst soaked – the whole ‘drowned’ look does not look good on me), working on yet another organic chemistry assignment, played some Facebook games (Farmville and Mafia Wars), watched some television (General Hospital and I finished watching season 1 of Castle that my sister D bought on dvd – completely awesome show, definitely a favourite!), listened to some music and did laundry. My sister thought I was absolutely insane, since I’d done the laundry just a few days ago and there wasn’t that much waiting to be watched. So what did I do? Tossed everything into the laundry. Jackets, a few coats I haven’t worn in a while but pretty sure they were washed prior to putting into the closet, sheets, pillowcases, blankets, stuffed animals. I get odd looks from my sisters when I sit up against the dryer while doing chemistry problems on my laptop, but hey… they’re my older sisters, I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of unwritten (or written) law that they’re meant to give me funny looks and question what I do.

I’ve settled on what patterns I want to use for Christmas presents this year! I hope everyone in my family (including my father – joking!) likes having either a crocheted cowl or a slouchy hat. I just need to go yarn shopping and get things like ribbon and buttons. And then there’s about a million other things to make… Pretty sure I’ve promised to make one too many things for people this upcoming Christmas, but it shall come as they come. I’ll always need a nice little distraction from the projects and the papers and the tests. But all the wrapping…? I don’t think I even have Christmas wrapping paper that isn’t just red and white snowflakes. I swear, there is no variety in the wrapping paper that I have. (I sincerely hope that I don’t mix up gifts – because depending on what it is, it will be awkward.)

It’s been so awkward with television and commericals. Like Grey’s Anatomy had a Thanksgiving/Christmas episode tonight. Thanksgiving. Sometimes I forget that the US has their Thanksgiving in November, because the one for Canada is in October and therefore I’m always kind of like “Ehhh?” when it comes to all the turkey dinner scenes in the television shows that I watch, because (well) they’re mostly American (and Thanksgiving isn’t nearly as big of a deal in Canada as it is in the States). But yeah… A Christmas episode on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s only November 19th and they’re having a Christmas episode. Seriously?

That being said, totally just saw a commercial for a movie that I want to see that happens to come out on December 25th; Up in the Air with George Clooney and Anna Kendrick.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thursday and will have an even better Friday.

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  1. I feel your pain I really do, I hate rain when it comes that day you forgot the umbrella :S
    it’s so nice you are actually making something for everyone for christmas! I wish I could! I think a gift like that says and it’s worth more than an expensive one…
    I agree, thanksgiving madness in the US, here in the Uk and back in Mexico there’s no fuss, and the episodes with a thanksgiving a christmas theme, tend to be quite pointless… anyway see you aaround

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