I generally try to eat remotely healthy. I do try. Or sometimes, I just lapse and don’t eat a thing, at which point, if someone notices that I haven’t been eating breakfast or lunch, they’ll start asking me about my weight and if I’ve been losing a lot of weight lately (because, you know, I can’t be just busy… granted, that’s the excuse I’ve used for years for not eating, bleh). Anyways, this is the crap that I’ve eaten today:

Breakfast: orange juice (with pulp – bleh), 2 previously frozen blueberry waffles
Lunch/dinner: (this is where I got really bad…) 1 burger, fries, 7-up
Pre-exam munchies: fruit snacks, Swedish berries and Swedish fish, Aero
Post-exam munchies: cookies! of the chocolate variety

Let’s see… Where did I go wrong? Oh yeah. The whole two meals in place of 3 kinda sucked today. Then again, I spent ~6 hours studying my little heart out on organic chemistry problems (I had my last midterm today! Yay!). Of course, it’s just 2 hours after my midterm had finished and already there are people talking on the online discussion boards about how difficult the very last question was.

There was 5 pages of question (7 total – 1 title page and 1 periodic table, which was useless, by the way). The very last question was worth 12 marks (the exam was worth 55 marks, I believe, with two questions being worth 12 marks each). And the thing is, even people who I know had no trouble with the material was saying that the midterm was difficult. Also, that the mechanism required to be drawn for the very last question actually had 20+ steps to it and we have to draw in arrows and all lone pairs of electrons, so it takes a long time to draw out each structure as it goes through all the changes. I go through about half of the mechanism before it was only 5 minutes left, and I was definitely not drawing neatly either. But a lot of other people found it be very difficult as well (considering the very last question resembled nothing of what we had ever encountered, not even in the practice midterms, which are supposed to reflect the type and level of difficulty that we were supposed to be expecting  to see on the midterm), so hopefully it gets scaled waaaaaaaaay up. Because my poor little grade can’t take another hit (I don’t think).

So I’m currently at home (obviously) and eating dinner (sort of… it’s leftovers from what the family ate, plus a glass of juice). I’m also watching my printer spit out page 2 of my 3 page joint lab project. Because I have a colour printer, I’m printing out of the images, while my partner-in-crime (R) is printing out pages 1 and 3 (as she hasn’t finished her portion of the work yet, tsk!). But now I only have 1 more biology project (besides the one due tomorrow, as that one is essentially completed), 1 more term paper (psychology, yay for babies! ← can you believe I just wrote that?) and 1 lab final (bleh) before finals. And then it’ll be winter break (blissful, wonderful winter break). At which point, I will promptly go to sleep and absofuckinglutely be hibernating and only be accessible to the world in 2010. Well, I might be not hibernating long enough to plan out what I want to do in February (during my rather extended reading break from school, 2 weeks off! I so want to go somewhere, but no one seems to want to go anywhere or do anything, boo). And may blog about my hibernating state from time to time.

I’m not even sure where I want to go, but I do know that I want to go and do something. Maybe a small road trip, or just going to see a bunch of museums and sight-seeing type of things, head out to a beach or just something. Yes, I do realize I just said that I wanted to go see the beach in February and that BC-weather will not be very nice at that time of year… But I still want to go! What’s the point of having two weeks off if I don’t go and do something besides staying home and studying?

Anyways… I hope that everyone had a good/hopefully awesome Thursday! I’m off to go and watch General Hospital and Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice… Then it’s off to do a bit of cleaning before I go and crash and sleep. And tomorrow’s my birthday party (!!!), so I may or may not blog during that, chances are I’ll save the blogging until after things die down a bit (do things die down during sleep overs though? Somehow I highly doubt it…). Or just tweet a bit, since I’ll be playing music off of my laptop (three cheers for wireless internet, how I appreciate that router!).

Have an awesome Friday, everyone!

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  1. Haha we all have days like that where you just give up and can’t eat healthy. Don’t worry about it. I am sure you did well on your midterm! Now you play the waiting game for your grades, huh? That was always my least favorite part. After all that hard work, you just sit there…

    Treat yourself and do something fun! I can’t wait to hear what you plan!!

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