Haven’t felt up for anything today… Went to work and lazed about (working, granted). I cleaned and entered data and cleaned some more and entered more data. My desk has never looked so clean. I’m going to take a photo tomorrow to remind myself that my desk can actually be clean. Huge contrast compared to my earlier photo, what with Post-Its and candy and work papers everywhere. I have a filing system (not in a filing cabinet…) on my desk with these plastic doohickeys. Yes, that is the technical term. I’ll take a photo tomorrow.

I did do some crafting today after work – I sewed a Blythe dress with my ‘scrap’ fabric (upcycled from an old dress shirt). But once it was in dress form, it looks so much like grid paper (my sister even went and pulled out a sheet of grid paper to compare, haha). Photos over at Chelle-Chelle.com. I’ve also made a few (… 3) pair of earrings today, but no photos  yet. My photos didn’t turn out very well (too blurry), so I’m going to wait until I get a chance tomorrow to take some in natural light. I should have used the time to actually work on my cheap-o version of a lightbox… But I just don’t have any energy these days.

I took a bunch of photos of roadside construction and uprooted and mangled trees today, which is going to be for my blog entry tomorrow regarding… hugging trees? I’m not sure. But it’ll be about something. I just need to go through the photos and edit out license plates of the cars that got into my photos (stupid cars on the highway…). So there’s that as well…

Oh, and on the W.A.S.P. front… I’m not wasp free after all (insert sad face here). Turns out there’s another hole in the roof of my carport. The wasps have started to enter and exit via that hole. And a bunch of them avoided getting foamed so… No waspicide around here, unfortunately. So my dad has sealed up that hole with a bunch of duct tape until he can go to the store tomorrow and get more foam wasp killer stuff and repeat the whole process of donning bee keeper-like gear. I so wish I’m going to be home tomorrow while he does it so I can take photos – I don’t think he’d be very appreciative of that though.

And… Because I’ve been in a cruddy mood lately, I’ve been taking more photos of my dolls. Not quite sure why, but there’s just something about those eyes and expressions that make me happier. Even if Belarus looks permanetly gloomy. So, just because they deserve some attention too, please check out Little Miss Sophie. ^^

And another and… Ask me questions! I need questions to answer that don’t involve “So what have you been doing all day at your desk?”, hehe. Please and thank you in advance.

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  1. Okay, questions I can do that.
    When are you finished work? I’m kind of a zombie/mess due to work on the weekends (literally a zombie this weekend) so weekdays are obvs. the better choice for hang out time.
    Quickly think of all of the people you know and based on your standards of “defective relationship material” what percent is non-defective?
    Favourite death cab song?
    Have you heard the band Hello Dragon? Look them up and download the singles off their website. They make me happy =)
    Ummm. That’s all the time I have for this. Fuck studying. How excited are you for school to start? =P

  2. I love crafts. I just wish I had more time for them. Mainly scrapbooking, which brings me to my question, do you keep a scrapbook?
    Oh, and good luck with those wasps!

  3. Yay for crafting! I’m glad you got some things done even though you didn’t get the pictures before it got too dark. I really should start making some friendship bracelets again.

    I love your dolls. I always enjoy the photos you take of them too. They make me smile.

    Sorry to hear the WASPs aren’t gone. 🙁

    Okay, questions:
    1. What kind of shampoo do you use?
    2. What is your favorite cool drink to quench your thirst?
    3. If you could be anywhere in the world where would you go?
    4. If money was no option and you had to buy yourself something selfish that you wanted, what would it be?

  4. Oohhhh clean desk…That’s something I should *probably* do.

    Eew wasps.

    My questions for you:
    1) Which upcoming movie are you excited for?
    2)Which Blythe would you get next?

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