Dane – I tend to just refer to them by their first names amongst my family, or go “so-and-so’s kids”. But I call them my second cousins, but they call me auntie. Which is kinda awkward since the oldest of the three is only 6 years younger than I am.

Heather – I don’t have that much discipline. In August of last year, I sat down and made 5 theme headers in advanced so all I had to do was update colours and such. I didn’t use all 5 of them, but I did use a couple. But umm, I’m kind of feeling lazy this year.

I got a commission from someone at work to make them an amigurumi (the little bomb critter from Mario). Which is pretty cool. Luckily, it’s pretty small and was pretty fast to work up, so I got it done while watching tv tonight. I’m going to be bringing it into work tomorrow. Of course, I told my family and my dad just goes “… People buy that kind of stuff?” and my mom just goes “People buy a lot of stuff, just because you think it’s useless doesn’t mean that everyone else thinks that way”.

Work was pretty okay. A lot of data entry today. A lot of “…” and “Is that a 4 or is it a 9? again. Oh well… I have meetings to attend on Wednesday… Which will apparently last all day long (whoot?). I’m just so excited. I can hardly contain it. </sarcasm> But work’s been going okay, I guess. I spend more time at my desk entering in numbers (oh, the excitement!) then talking to people nowadays. Which is good, because I’m being productive. But at the same time, I’m not being very social at all… The only people I talked to (beyond ‘hello’ and ‘have a nice day’) were my supervisor (who told me about the meetings) and my mom. Like, for real, that’s about it. I didn’t even see the boyfriend at work today and there was probably a 30 to 60 minute time period when we were both in the building. This is getting depressing…

And because it’s getting depressing, I’m going to stop writing right about here. The W.A.S.P. situation hasn’t changed too much – it’s been raining all day so there hasn’t been a wasp in sight! But we’re sure they’re just hiding somewhere… Where it’s a touch warmer. Or they’ve figured out a way to get back into their nest. Ew.

Oh, and when you’re wearing a yellow and brown striped shirt (known as my ‘bee shirt’ at work… ugh) and coworker asks you “What’s the buzz today?” (that would be from A – the pervy older male coworker), the appropriate response is “Leave me the f**k alone. Please and thank you.”

Especially after having another pile of folders worth of work dumped onto your desk.

Just saying.

* I heart Care Bears (probably always will). My favourite is Funshine Bear, but I get called ‘Cheer Bear’ and ‘Grumpy Bear’ a lot at work because I have shirts with those bears on them (and yes, I am 19). But D gave me a new nickname (Work-a-lot Bear).

** Missed the previous couple of entries? W.A.S.P. = unWelcomed Annoying Stinging Parasites & … and W.A.S.P. part deux

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  1. I’m both glad and sad to see that your parents react the same way mine do when something good happens, or you take an interest in something. (I also heard my mom do it to my brother the other day… so, at least it’s not just me.)

    But, congrats on the Bob-omb. I think I’ve officially given up on learning to crochet or knit, and now have to find someone to make me fingerless gloves. (A scarf, I can handle.)

  2. What’s the buzz? That’s not funny! 🙁

    I think some of my second cousins are actually older than me. The age gap is quite funny.

    My brother would probably say something like what your mother said. My dad tends to be a bit strange sometimes and my brother says something along the lines of, “Yeah but only you think that and you are wrong”.

  3. Oh my goodness. What’s the buzz. Oh my gosh. I just read the sentence over because I couldn’t believe someone would say that. I probably would punch him in the face if I was having a bad day!!

    Yay for commissions!

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