Today I got a free water bottle (all I had to do was show my bus pass to get it, and this was at school – which is kind of cool considering all students are required to pay for a bus pass so… Free water bottles for everyone!). I also got a handful of free condoms (thank you, student health services) that had little smiley faces on them and an envelope that was put together by the rec centre at school which actually just has a bunch of ‘get into club for free, no cover’ coupons (Hey, who wants to go clubbing now? Just have to wait until after I turn 19.), ads for places on campus, coupons for restaurants all over campus and a few stickers and temporary tattoos (Do I want ‘Get a 30-day Trial of [Company Name] Anti-Virus Program Free!’ anywhere on me? No, thank you, I think I have to politely decline.).

My English lit class (at 9-freaking-am – means I get up at 6am, get on the bus at 7am and arrive between 8:30am and 8:45am depending on traffic and the amount of people on the train) went rather well, actually. I made a new friend (yay, I’m being a touch more social this year – probably because I have the experience from last year that I’m using to better put myself into a situation where I want to get to know people, go figure). As a class, we spent 20 minutes having a debate over the meaning of a poem that the professor (who seems incredibly nice) gave us a copy of just this morning. So she introduced herself, we got the poem, read the poem and had one of the most intellectual debates I’ve ever taken part in – and I actually spoke up during it too! Ahh, so pleased with my English lit class. We’re going to be reading Pride and Prejudice, Great Expectations and The Fifth Child for the novels and the rest of it is poetry that came in a nice little (cheap) package (instead of setting a giant book that costs $60, thanks Prof G from last year). I’m really looking forward to this class. Most of my grade will be coming from two essays (5-7 pages for the first one, 10-12 pages for the second one) and the final.

I’m not sure what to say to psychology. I know it’s a first-year level course. I know it’s really popular with first years. But he asked for a show of hands of who wasn’t a first year and I swear there were only two hands that went up, and I was one of them. Oh dear. I mean, suddenly there were a few people were asking me (while the prof was talking) where all the good places to get food are, why the textbooks are so damn expensive and where (this just made me shake my head) could they get *whispered* condoms. “I don’t live on campus – the sushi place is decent, not the best.” “Publishers are greedy.” “Student health services, they pass them out by the handful.” It’s going to be a fun year in that class, isn’t it?

I heard some band live today at school. They had pretty decent guitar but the singing was just plain awful. But then again, there was a lot of feedback with the microphone which probably hindered me from giving them a better review and actually wanting to stick around and find out what their name was.

My biology course is okay. The professor was really engaging and really interesting and seemed to care a lot about the subject. The only problem is that the theatre is incredibly full (like jam-packed) and there’s just so many bodies in one room and I was just so tired so I may have dozed… Just a little though! I woke up and paid attention for the last 15 minutes (I probably didn’t start dozing until about 30 minutes into the lecture – which is pretty good considering that the lecture is only 50 minutes long).

And the best text message that I sent to anyone today [it was sent to Clay]:

I love hearing about myself. (And I mean that in the least self-absorbed way possible.)

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  1. Ohh. I love hearing about myself too. Tomorrow, let’s dedicate 5 minutes of our time talking to eachother, about eachother and are awesome bitchyness.

    Yay for more free stuff! I wish I had gotten that much at UCA. Water bottle wouldve been nice.. and free condoms.. cant ever get too many of those. Unless, of course, youre not having sex. BUT I guess thats why they have a ridiculously long expiration date so when you and C finally get hot and heavy, youll have plenty 😛 I kid I kid… right? Unless you dont want me too, then it was truthful. ;D

    In my english lit class we didnt read any of those. In fact, we used a GINIORMOUS (and I mean that with no exageration) book that had tons of different authors in it. Of course we read Beowulf, The Green Knight, Everyman, and a bunch of other stuff..

    Oh and the biology class.. some people will it should be less crowded.

  2. Free water bottles!! I drink a lot.. so I would’ve liked them. Except drinking a lot has cost me tons (almost fainted after an exam..). Condoms. Don’t think I’ll need them anytime soon 😉

    Hmm, I wanted to do psychology before, now not anymore. But hard to get into the course, over here.

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