Long weekend (thank you, Thanksgiving!) this weekend. So I’ve been attempting to be productive by:

What productive thing did you do this weekend?

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  1. I checked about 200 emails, made a campaign poster for a friend, started character designs for a collaboration project, and the rest wasn’t very productive because I got sick T^T.

  2. Mmmm cooking. And someone’s ahead of time with layouts ohoo.

    Biology.. gah. My last biology exam is soon. Urgh. I need to study too. I did on the weekend A BIT. Just a little bit.. Studying is what I should be doing at the moment. Instead of blogging and surfing the net *slap*

  3. Productive… nothing.
    But I did stay busy this weekend.
    I wish I could’ve been productive.

    What kind of psychology class are you taking?

  4. Er… honestly the only productive thing I even did this weekend was get rid of my n00b status on a forums I joined a couple of days ago 😡

    Oh, and I’m almost nearly halfway done with ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ 😀

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