I’ve been listening to this excellent song on repeat today. It’s called “Fall Apart” by Deepfield and the best part (which happens to be repeated like a million times throughout the song – or it may just seem like that because I’ve been listening to it on repeat) is:

And we could go back to the way it was and sacrifice the way it could be;
We could fall apart or we could fall in love again.

Anyways… I handed in my paper today (yay). We started the next unit in my Literature class. We’re now in the 19th century (the course is split into three units: 18th, 19th and 20th century – how original, right?). So the “Victorian” era and we learned a lot about society and how people lived in that time period. It was also the period when England first had a police force of any kind, when postage stamps were invented (I was the only one that could name the first postage stamp ever: The Black Penny), and when they passed laws or whatnot about working conditions and child labour. So that’s pretty good. We’re going to be reading Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, which I love, as well as poetry by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Very exciting.

First round of midterms is done! My psych midterm was fairly straightforward. 45 multiple choice problems (1 mark each), 15 short-written problems (1 mark each). There was a series of weird questions relating to Japanese university students. And while I know I don’t pay as much attention in the lectures as I should, I do know that the professor never went on some random tangent about Japanese university students, it wasn’t mentioned in the textbook and nor was it mentioned in a video that we watched in class. So… I don’t know. My bio midterm was also fairly straightforward. It wasn’t super easy, but it wasn’t super difficult either. I think it would have been better if there had been more time, but I did get it done before the 50 minutes was up and I didn’t leave early (gasp).

So don’t turn your back on this.
If all is lost, then how did we find love?
And we could go back to the way it was and sacrifice the way it could be
We could fall apart

Question: Have you been listening to a song on repeat lately? What song is it? What’s your favourite part of it?

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  1. Yay midterms being over.
    Such a relief. It’s temporary, but it’s nice nonetheless.
    I’ve been listening to Radiohead – All I Need. It’s definitely been my favourite song for a few months now.
    “I am a moth who just wants to share your light.”
    Pure love.

  2. Woo, what a relief it must be with those midterms over. =)

    Your literature class sounds like a lot of fun. =) I’ll be majoring in English in college, so you can tell I’m a nerd for literature. =P I like Charles Dickens; I just love how sarcastic he is. ^_^ I’m not as familiar with Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s work, however.

    “Love is the Movement,” by Switchfoot – – I could listen to it a hundred times a day. =] I just love the sound and the lyrics. I had to go and look it up just now. =P

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