Tag, you’re it!

I got tagged by Dez! List five of your favorite bands/artists. Choose three songs from each band/artist. If you can find a link to listen to the song at Last.fm or YouTube, post it! Tag five people. The Ataris – I can’t find any decent videos for them at all. IOU One Galaxy Song for […]

Full memory card means…

Lots and lots of photos that I need to take off of my cell phone and move onto my computer and then opening up Photoshop in order to shove all the somewhat clear photos into the template and then save them as a .jpg… Oh, the work! But I have photos of baking (when J […]

Yay, new layouts all around!

… WordPress just ate my entry. So here’s the shorter, revised entry that holds basically the same information. Chelle-Chelle.com and AmesRPG.com both got new layouts (ahead of schedule, might I add, as I was planning on getting new layouts and themes up on the 1st) so I decided to put up the new theme here […]