I am pleased to announce that I’ve actually been paying attention in my psychology class (this prof is so much more engaging than my last one). Oh, and I’m head-over-heels in love with my literature prof’s voice. Not with him, mind you, just his voice. I don’t think that I’d have much luck convincing Clay to adopt a New Zealand accent, so luckily I love his voice too. My chem prof is kind of monotone, but I have a friend in the class this time (yay) and biology… Well… My bio prof is always a laugh a minute (.. or 10 minutes… or 30.)

I also got my very first credit card bill the other day, not sure if I mentioned it or not. It wasn’t too bad (under $100). A lot of it was spent on lunches out with the family, so my parents are paying me back for it (they want me to get ‘experience’ using my credit card and for me to eard the reward points since it’s 1 pt for every dollar) so really… I personally didn’t spend too much. Which is good, since I just spent a bunch of money on my used, but pristine, copies of my English literature books.

My camera? Still MIA, thank you for still being out of stock.

And I was asked this question in my psychology lecture and I figured I’d ask you the question as well:
When you think of the word ‘intelligence’, who are the first five people that you think of?

I’ll let you know the top 10 people that my prof told us were what the general population considered to be intelligent when posed the question in my next blog entry.

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  1. It’s good to use your credit card like that and especially good when your mom and dad pay you back. Building your credit steadily. gg, Michelle!

    Hmm.. your question..
    When you think of the word ‘intelligence’, who are the first five people that you think of?

    my answer:
    1. My gramma
    2. Robert
    3. Michelle (sister)
    4. Michelle (you)
    5. Matthew

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