Today’s blog entry is brought to you by the number 100.9. Which also happens to be my current temperature (in Fahrenheit, of course – I’m pretty sure I would no longer be capable of brain function if my brain was boiling in Celsius – 100.9 F is about 38.3 C. Normal body temperature is 98.2 F and 36.8 C).

Needless to say, my heat-addled brain allowed me to sleep through my alarm at 6am. I didn’t get up until a lovely 8am and my first thought was “Mmm, is it only 8?” and then it was “Fuck, it’s Tuesday, isn’t it?” Of course, it is Tuesday and therefore I’m all like “… I have a lab today, don’t it?” which turned into “I was supposed to be at school by 9am…”

Granted, I had a quiz (worth 15 marks, not much in the grand scheme of things) and I needed to hand in an assignment (worth more, in the grand scheme of things). I got to school at around 10am. Obviously, everyone was gone at that point as there was only a quiz today. So I shoved my assignment into the box then toddled over to the library where I staked out a table (where I am right now) and have all my awesome organic chem models out (shall take a photo later) and I’ve sent off this really pathetic sounding email to my TA (we had a sub today, or else we would have started at 11am and then I wouldn’t have been late – I’m silently cursing him for being away this week) and basically explain that I’ve been sick and therefore been really tired and sleepy and, silly me, didn’t get to school on time but I would really appreciate it if he could pretty please accept my assignment as-is (as it was, technically, handed in during the time that my lab is scheduled, so technically it’s not late) and that I’m, of course, sorry for the inconvenience and promise to never do it again.

I don’t think that I’ll get a reply until at least a few days from now. But that’s okay. I’m patient. And it’s been handed in (I even tracked down my biology prof, who was down the hall, and got him to sign the corner and write the time that I handed it in, with the date, just to verify).

Now I’m going to be awesome and be productive. Not sleep though, as I’m not sure if I’ll sleep through my alarm for my chem class or not…

Edited at 7:24pm, same day

Hey Michelle,
Can you come to the Thursday lab at 9am? I’ve CC’d [Substitute bio lab TA’s name here], the TA covering for me, so she knows you might be there. Email us both to let us know if you can make it then. Otherwise you won’t have a chance to make up the quiz.
[Awesome bio lab TA’s name here]

Have I mentioned lately how absolutely awesome and wonderful my bio lab TA is for this term?

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  1. Oh, no! You belong in bed, warm and snuggly with big mugs of tea! Fevers are the absolute worst. *shivers*

    You rock for actually getting up and going to study though!
    … I don’t think I’m that dedicated. XD

  2. Buddy! Fever is not good. Are you feeling any better? Hopefully you haven’t come down with whatever is lurking in B.C. right now. Deadly.

  3. Goodness girl you should be in bed sleeping!!!!

    I agree with Heather you rock for getting up and studying… if it were me I would not be so … into it 🙂

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